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REPOST : Grace Slick - Dreams (Si-Wan Records) 1980 (REQUEST)

Biography : Less controversially titled than 1973's Manhole, Grace Slick's second solo album is an inconsistent, erratic, yet often compelling collection. Written in the aftermath of an extended Alcoholics Anonymous stay, Slick's self-penned tunes revisit themes of self-reflection and atonement. As a result, her lyrics are far less obtuse, more accessible than usual, even becoming downright obvious on "Do It the Hard Way." It's a letdown for someone accustomed to her more poetic and challenging musings on previous Jefferson Airplane/Starship records. Musically the album is far less focused, with the subpar up-tempo track "Angel of Night" foretelling the vapid arena rock that would comprise her next solo album, Welcome to the Wrecking Ball. There are, however, several strong moments, such as the flamenco-styled "El Diablo" and the strong guitar work of Scott Zito on the sweeping "Full Moon Man." Most curious of the bunch, though, are the album-opening title track and the Slick-authored "Seasons": both surge on mock-whimsical melodies straight out of a haunted Biergarten, a side of Slick rarely seen before or since. Also new to her repertoire is the addition of orchestration on some tracks, ably arranged on the remarkable closer "Garden of Man" by Ron Frangipane. While her voice is not up to par on this record (there's a distinct husk and gasp on the album-opening title track in particular), Dreams is a useful acquisition for Grace Slick completists and listeners engrossed by the life and personality of its creator. Review by Joseph McCombs

01.Dreams 5:08
02.El Diablo 5:58
03.Face To The Wind 5:31
04.Angel Of Night 3:50
05.Seasons 3:26
06.Do It The Hard Way 4:59
07.Full Moon Man 5:07
08.Let It Go 5:43
09.Garden Of Man 6:33

Grace Slick - Guitar, Keyboards, Piano,Vocals
Phil Bodner - Sax (Tenor), Saxophone
Ronnie Cuber - Sax (Baritone), Saxophone
Joe d'Elia - Piano
George Devens - Percussion
Sal DiTroia - Guitar
David Freiberg - Guitar, Vocals
David Friedman - Percussion
Neil Jason - Bass, Bass (Electric), Guitar
Arthur Kaplan - Saxophone
Artie Kaplan - Contractor, Sax (Baritone)
Jimmy Maelen - Percussion
Jik Malin - Percussion
Frank Owens - Keyboards, Piano
Steve Price - Drums
Allan Schwartzberg - Drums
Joe Shepley - Piccolo Trumpet
Joseph J. Shepley - Trumpet
David Tofani - Sax (Tenor)
Georg "Jojje" Wadenius - Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
Ed Walsh     Oberheim - Synthesizer,
Scott Zito - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals


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Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

wkc ha detto...

thank you for Dreams link. For some reason I am not able to use netkups. Used to be able but for last 6 months it always gives me an error message. I have asked around but no one has been able to help me solve the problem. If
another link is available it is appreciated but I understand if not. I appreciate your willingness to help me. Thank you again.

Solidboy ha detto...

wkc : I uploaded also to Mega for you this file

wkc ha detto...

Thank you very much! Mega worked great. I appreciate being able to listen to this one.

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