giovedì 3 novembre 2011

The Electric Toilet - In The Hands Of Karma 1970 (Akarma)

Don't form an opinion of this album until you have heard it at least three times, for each song has a message for you. The group is the voice of many opinions, gathered, carefully, sorted, and spread through the dynamic, haunting arrangements of this album.Some will not agree with the theme of this album, others will have mixed emotions, and many will think it was written with them in mind, however, there will be no disagreement about one point. You cannot listen understand without becoming envolved...Where do you fit in?
From the album "In The Hands Of Karma"

1 - In The Hands Of Karma 4.53  
2 - Within Your State Of Mind 8.05
3 - Revelations 3.58
4 - Mississippi Hippy 3.15
5 - Goodbye My Darling 6.18
6 - Dont Climb Nobody Else's Ladder 2.52

Dave Hall - Guitar
Others Members are unknown

Wave Sound 300 Mb Artwork Complete 300 Dpi

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11 commenti:

danilo ha detto...

Thanks grteat post.Thanks for sharing.

danilo ha detto...

I meant GREAT.

Jamie (tacobueno) ha detto...

Never heard of this album before - thanks a lot for putting it up so I can be enlightened!

sorogan ha detto...

Thank You VERY MUCH !!

space88 ha detto...

This gem is nowhere to get at this Time so THANKS A LOT!!!

bobo59 ha detto...

Really great heavy psychedelic album!! Thanks a lot for this post!!!!

DanP ha detto...

Bobo59 likes it, Maybe this will be heavy enough for me to like it ;)

DanP ha detto...

Hey, what country is this band from?

Anonimo ha detto...

The United States.

he Electric Toilet led by guitarist Dave Hall, came from Memphis and their sole album includes the awesome track "Within Your State Of Mind". Driving bluesy LP with southern twang, growly lead vocal with black baptist church choir style backing, sound effects and trippy acid guitar work. Two members died in a car crash within months of its completion and the group broke up.

El Guajolote ha detto...

Hi marco, can you reup this? thanks in advance!

Anonimo ha detto...

link rimosso :(

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Welcome to Electric Music for a Mind and Body
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