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Smoke - Carry On Your Idea (2004 Estrella Rockera) 1969

Biography : The first album by US heavy psych/blues boogie rock band Smoke, not to be mistaken for the Michael Lloyd (West Coast) Smoke that issued an album on the Sidewalk label. This album was originally issued in 1969 and released on the UNI label - the band was originally from Houston, Texas, where they were known as the Nomads, issuing 2 singles by that name. Shortly after changing their name to Smoke, in mid-68, they relocated to San Francisco where they gigged mainly in biker bars. The album opens with a 19 minute psychedelic boogie number M.C. Boogie that sets the tone for the rest of the album - lot's of guitar breaks and with some pounding organ work fusing blues, boogie, and underground rock in to one big pot! Keyboardist Eddie Beyer remained in California after the band split and played with Smith and Canned Heat; later he played in fellow Texan Gary Myrick’s band. Drummer Phil Parker went on to play with bluesman Shakey Jake Harris.

01.M. C. Boogie 18:53
02.Choose It 6:04
03.Red Haired Man 4:00
04.Pepper Trees 3:39
05.Carry On Your Idea 5:20

John Orvis - guitar, banjo and harp
Eddie Beyer - keyboards
Richard Floyd - bass
Phil Parker - drums
Earl Finn - bongos, bells, whistles, harmonica, tambourine, organ, bass, guitar

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