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REPOST : The Beginning - This is...The Beginning (Molten Records) 2004

Biography : The Beginning are one of the great lost wonders of psychedelic rock. Their only album This is... was forgotten and lay dormant until it was uncovered by Molten Records. Sold out soon it's now available again on Elektrohasch. It contains a mind altering selection of acid guitar music mixing rock 'n' roll grooves with a twin lead guitar attack. Flashes of the ever-so-fluid San Francisco psychedelic improvisation merge with hard edged Detroit rock and hip stoned grooviness. The overall result is a sound that's part Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Yesterdays Children and.....

01.Soul Revolution 6:22
02.The Ju Ju Man 4:09
03.Blue Honey 8:49
04.Baby's Takin' Me for a Ride (And the Sun Ain't Never Gonna Set) 13:17
05.The Golden Whisper 8:00

Mat Bethancourt - Guitar, Vocal
Louis Wiggett - Guitar, Vocal
Sam Aversano - Bass
Paolo Aversano - Percussion, Vocal
Kris Payne - Drums

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Jerry Corbetta & Sugarloaf - Don't Call Us-We'll Call You (Repertoire Records) 1973

Biography : For most intents and purposes, Sugarloaf was finished after their 1973 album I Got a Song failed to generate any attention, but the band continued to push ahead, channeling their frustrations into the bubblegum sarcasm of “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You.” The song became a fluke hit in 1975, prompting a re-release of I Got a Song under a new title borrowed from the hit, which also was prominently featured on the new release. Of course, the fizzy pop of “Don’t Call Us” sounded very little like the rest of the earlier record, which itself wasn’t all that reminiscent of their percolating 1970 hit “Green Eyed Lady,” either. It was a curious mix of pompous neo-prog  best heard on the charging instrumental “Myra, Myra”  light hippie funk, and coolly trippy soft rock, all sounds redolent of the early ‘70s, but certainly not the epitome of it. Which isn’t to say that lead singer/songwriter Jerry Corbetta couldn’t write in addition to the hits, he knocked off Billy Joel/Elton John’s Western fantasia quite well on “Colorado Jones” but this album tends to drift in and out of focus, making it a period piece but not much more. Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

01.I Got A Song 5:11
02.Myra Myra 5:12
03.Lay Me Down 6:42
04.Wild Child 4:02
05.Don't Call Us - We'll Call You 3:23
06.Lookin' For Some Fun 4:13
07.Round And Round 3:48
08.Colorado Jones 3:58
09.Easy Evil 4:09
10.I Got A Song - Reprise 3:37
Additional Tracks:
11.Boogie Man 3:31
12.Texas Two Lane 4:02
13.Stars In Her Eyes 3:28
14.Last Dance 2:25

Jerry Corbetta - Vocals, Organ, Piano, Clarnet, Arp
Bob Webber - Guitar
Bob Raymond - Bass
Myron Pollock - Drums

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REPOST : A-Austr - Musics From Holyground (Kissing Spell) 1970

Biography : Released in a limited batch of 99 in 1970, A to Austr's one-off masterwork Musics from Holyground takes the psych-pop aesthetic to an entirely new level. A behemoth (and fun) journey through psychedelia, Musics from Holyground touches on everything from psych-pop and eastern influenced folk to pub ready saxophone jams and vaudevillian break downs, with a ton of other sounds I have no business describing thrown in the mix. The Penguin Guide to Rare Records calls A to Austr's only record "the most sacred UK LP there is," which sort of makes sense considering only 99 folks in the world have an original copy, and it wasn't given the reissue treatment until 1989. Apparently the initial goal was "to write about King Arthur who lies sleeping with his knights of the Round Table until England needs him." This was news to me, as the record in no way, shape or form feels like a treaty on Renaissance knights, rather an exploration of an entire genre, gleaming back and forth from the nuanced psych pop of "Birds" to "Hawaiian War Chant" (which sounds exactly like its title suggests) to "It's Alright", which is basically the Incredible String Band-Love-Zombies collaboration I've been dreaming about for years. I could go on and on about this record, but it wouldn't do any good, mostly because its impossible to describe. Even after listening to it about twenty five times over the past six months, I still have trouble wrapping my head around it, as if its not supposed to be chewed on, merely experienced, over and over again, sort of like life (and psychedelic experiences in general). If this spiked your interest, even just a little bit, I highly recommend heading over to Holy Ground's website and peeping their extremely thorough and insightful history of the recording session, the album itself, and its little known legacy.

01.Bird 2:45
02.Judy 2:16
03.Mini 2:51
04.Prelude To Change For Arthur 0:10
05.Thumbquake & Earthscrew 2:47
06.Change For Arthur 0:39
07.Between The Road 2:30
08.Hawaiian War Chant 1:12
09.It's Alright 6:45
10.Reprise Of Part Of Bird 0:20
11.Essex Queen (She Dances) 3:08
12.D Minor Minuet 1:01
13.A Curse On You 3:18
14.What Did You Go 7:56
15.Grail Search 4:28
16.Essex Queen (First Version) 2:46
17.Grail Search (First Version) 3:36
18.Judy (Fragment Of First Version) 0:48
19.It's Alright (Later Version, Remixed) 6:42
20.Aren't You Glad You Stayed (Early Vocal Version) 3:59

Brian Calvert - lead guitar, vocals, guitar, lute, horn, trombone
Chris Coombs - lead guitar, vocals, guitar, piano, organ, glockenspiel, horn, percussion
Brian Wilson (aka Pete Taylor) - bass, vocals, guitar, organ, mandolin, harp, clarinet
Ted Hepworth - drums
Mike Levon - triangle, effects, electronics
Bill Nelson - guitar, hawaiian guitar
Mike Gould - trumpet
John Perfect - tenor sax
Lyn Cavell - alto sax
George Mabon - flute
Gill Green - cello
Al Green - organ
Dave Wood - goüd
Yvonne Carrodus - vocals, triangle
Denise Calvert - vocal, piano, harpsichord
Gill Maudsley - spoken vocal
Cath Wood - raspberry saw

REPOST : Electric Sound Show - An Assortment Of Antiquities For The Psychedelic Connoisseur (Box Set 5 CD) 1966 - 1968

Electric Sound Show is the official off-shoot CD compilation series that follows the long-deleted, vinyl-only compilation LP series, Incredible Sound Show Stories originally issued back in 1995 by Dig The Fuzz records. Particles presents for the first time ever, all five volumes as originally intended, providing a colorful voyage through the handsome and flamboyant heavens of psychedelia. Numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies only. This exclusive box-set provides complete and professional mastering with expansive and
analytical liner notes from Psychomaniac, promising a wealth of archival material housed in a 56-page color booklet. Puff on that in your peace-pipe!

CD1 : We All Live On Candy Green
01.Who Wants Happiness - Tapestry
02.Neweastle Broup - High Street East
03.Find The Lady - Shakane
04.Run Muah Faster - Matchbox
05.I Can't Do It All By Myself - C.M.J.
06.It Wants Be The Same - Gavin Hamilton
07.Thread Of Time - The Scenery
08.I Am... I Think - Grobbert
09.Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire - Clevedonaires
10.Attempted Contact - Gentry
11.My Kind Of Loving - The Motowns
12.God Save Our Gracious Cream - The Motives
13.I Bring The Sun - John Bryant
14.Meter Maid - Rodney Bewes
15.Firday Man - Majority One
16.Ice Woman - The Motives
17.Mind - Eill
18.Pictures Framed In My Mind - Ken Saul
19.Low Toby - Empty Vessels
20.A Hard Day's Night - Majority
21.I Can Hear Colours - The Motives
22.It's A Long Time - The News
23.Baby Of The May - The Motives
24.Na, Na, Na, Na - Izzy Pound
25.Melinda Marie - Blue

CD2 : In King Solomon's Mind
01.Lovin - Closed
02.Fire - Cellophane
03.Man - Pauls Collection
04.Green Chewing Gum Machine - The Motions
05.Places Of Afterlife - Colored Rain
06.Quite Unexpectedly - Leather Sandwich
07.See The Light - The Flame
08.Listen, Listen - Avengers
09.Dr. Sipher - Ro-D-Ys
10.Rainy Sunday - Ramjam Big Band
11.Music Is My Life - Pauls Collection
12.Mind Magician - Procession
13.Question Of Childhood - Adam & Dee
14.Mind Patterns - Cellophane
15.Ode To An Undertaker - The Drifters
16.Snakers - Blue Effect
17.Indian Girl - Aros
18.Silver Ship - Abdullah's Regime
19.Summer Hill Road - The Executives
20.Ballad Of The Light Brigade - Music Convention
21.(You're My Cake) Amamnda Blake - Mantis
22.Blue Taxi - Blue Effect
23.Winds Of Change - Colored Rain
24.Flower Of Love - Baris Manco
25.The Time Is Nigh - After Tea

CD3 : Apricot Hash In The Hour Glass
01.Daily Remember - Ark
02.World, 2000 - Gary Knight
03.Sightseer - Malcolm Mitchell
04.Panecake Trees - Jefferson Lee
05.Ange, With Love - Childe Haroid
06.Doomsday Plus One - Paisley Patterns
07.In A Dream World - Zimmos Thanatopsis
08.The Sky Is Falling - Amerika
09.Peaceful Man - Kindred Spirit
10.Sho' Need Love - Dickens
11.15 Going On 20 - Five By Five
12.Gunfighter - Unsettled Society
13.I Am Afraid - Gasllte Village
14.I'm Dreaming - Wildweeds
15.Phrenologie Insult - Freudian Complex
16.Message To Seymour - Billy Shears & The Allamricans
17.Queen Alice - The Trilllum
18.Ryan 5 - Calliope
19.Flying Upside Down - Amerika
20.Feather - Mitchell, Malcolm
21.Cate Is Dead - Owl Aunt
22.I Come From The Andromeda Galaxy - Me Myself & Eye
23.Brink Of Death - Childe Haroid
24.Opus # 1 - American Revolution
25.Diagnosis (One Way Empty And Down) - Oxford Watchband

CD4 : Paper Thoughts Of Polly Pan
01.Girl - Simon & De Sade
02.Midway Down - John Wondering
03.Bye Bye Mrs. Purple - Rob De Neys
04.Poor Bobby - Sir Henry
05.Make It Legal - The Motions
06.A Wristwateh Band - Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds
07.Sherry Cherie - Sweet Feelin
08.Rainbows And Butterflies - The Petards
09.Now - Wishfulthinking
10.Visions Of Molly - Blair Smith
11.March Of The White Corpuscles - Daddy Dewdrop
12.Is This The Only Life You've Had - Rome James Reincarnation
13.Everyday Is Just The Same - Moan
14.You're Too Incomprehensible - Tages
15.Steps Into Space - Tower
16.Stormy - King Biscuit Entertainmers
17.Lady Greengrass - The Ones
18.You've Got That Certain Style - New Dream
19.Echoes - Smith Blair
20.Office Girl - The Hounds
21.Molly - Sweet Thursday
22.Blue Sofa - Mayfly
23.Angela Gray - Opus
24.Moontalk - Sammy Soulset
25.The End - Greenfield & Cook

CD5 : Green Eyed Gods Of Smoke
01.Masterpiece - Irish Coffee
02.Rainbow - The Motions
03.Golden Sereen - Triangle
04.Find Your Way - Made In Germany
05.Calling Out Your Name - George Cash
06.Pollution - Georgia Brown
07.What Have I Done - Pauls Collection
08.You Don't Understand - Mother Sunday
09.Music - Objectivo
10.Deserted Alley - Blue Effect
11.Have You Ever Heard - Marsh Mallow
12.Midnight In The Graveyard - Mother Sunday
13.Kyrie - Czerwono Czarni
14.Apollo Ii - Tenderfoot Kids
15.Part Of The Season - Long Time
16.Look At The Sky - Giant Empire
17.It's My Mind - Purple Wine
18.The Monarchy - The Dream
19.Hymn To The Sun - Lucas
20.Living Living East, Dreaming West - William Sheiler
21.Ego - Cruise Lane

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Lucifer's Friend - Banquet (Repertoire Records) 1973

Biography : On Banquet, Lucifer's Friend finally pulled together the many different elements to their sound (prog, soul, jazz, hard rock) into one cohesive and totally distinctive style. This time out, the primary focus of the album is epic prog numbers with complex instrumentation that go through a variety of surprising and ambitious changes in their arrangements. The standout example is the opening track, "Spanish Galleon": this pirate-themed epic starts with a Latin-flavored rock groove, that is given further power by the addition of horns, segues into a lyrical, pirate-themed song section that climaxes with a rousing chorus, takes a left turn into an instrumental portion studded with jazzy solos, and then finishes with a stirring reprise of the song section. The other prog numbers continue in a similar vein, reaching heights of almost orchestral complexity, but working in enough hooks and solid songcraft into the compositions to keep the listener hooked. Another standout in this arena is "Sorrow," a keyboard-based epic that features a lovely midsection where a keyboard solo is accompanied by a lush string arrangement. Banquet also balances out these epics with a pair of shorter, poppier songs that still manage to show off the band's firepower and complexity in their tighter format; the best is "Dirty Old Town," the closing ballad that builds to a jazzy, horn-powered chorus. All in all, Banquet is a fine, underrated prog outing and is worthy of rediscovery by art-rock fanatics. It's an ideal introduction to the sound of Lucifer's Friend. Review by Donald A. Guarisco

01.Spanish Galleon 11:52
02.Thus Spoke Oberon 6:47
03.High Flying Lady - Goodbye 3:43
04.Sorrow 11:39
05.Dirty Old Town 4:46

John Lawton - lead vocals
Peter Hesslein - guitars, percussion, backing vocals
Peter Hecht - keyboards
Dieter Horns - bass, backing vocals
Herbert Bornhold - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Herb Geller - soprane sax and flute

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Jade - Fly On Strangewings (2003 Remastered Edition) 1970

Biography : While Jade's only album is decent early-'70s British folk-rock, its similarity to the material that Sandy Denny sang lead on with Fairport Convention is so evident that it's rather unnerving. Marian Segal sounded more like Denny than any other British folk-rock singer of the time did, and the songs mixed rock music, more traditional British Isles folk melodic and lyrical elements, and stirring contemporary rock singer/songwriting in much the same way that Fairport did in their What We Did on Our Holidays and Unhalfbricking era. The differences? Well, Jade had a little more of a pop influence than Fairport, occasionally using orchestration, and less of a traditional folk one, never updating trad folk tunes with rock arrangements as Fairport sometimes did. And of course where Fairport split up the lead vocals among several members, Marian Segal takes almost all of them here, though the good amount of vocal harmonies again can't fail but to recall early Fairport. The title track in particular recalls Denny's composition "Who Knows Where the Time Goes." Ultimately, the songs, singing, and arrangements don't have as much of an edge as Fairport Convention, and Jade can't help but sound derivative, though they're good at what they do. The inevitable comparisons recede a bit on some songs, such as "Mayfly," with its gallivanting, almost country feel; "Bad Magic," which seems Donovan-influenced with its harpsichord and loosey-goosey blues-rock feel; "Away from the Family," a nod in the direction of the Band; and "Mrs. Adams," which more than any other track is like a modernized old British folk song. The 2003 CD reissue adds two bonus cuts -- covers of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" and James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind" -- from an unreleased 1971 single, as well as some Chicago radio ads for some local Jade gigs and lengthy historical liner notes by Marianne Segal (aka Marian Segal) herself. Review by Richie Unterberger

01.Amongst Anenomes 3:57
02.Raven 2:37
03.Fly on Strangewings 4:26
04.Mayfly 3:35
05.Alan's Song 3:20
06.Bad Magic 3:20
07.Clippership 2:48
08.Five of Us 4:08
09.Reflections on a Harbour Wall 2:34
10.Mrs. Adams 3:29
11.Fly Me to the North 3:24
12.Away from the Family 4:51
13.Big Yellow Taxi 3:35
14.Carolina in My Mind 4:07
15.Chicago Radio Spots 2:05

John Wetton - Bass (King Crimson, Family, Asia...)
James Litherland - Guitar ( Mogul Thrash, Colosseum)
Pete Sears - Bass (Fleur de lys, The Sam Gopal Dream, Jefferson Starship)
Michael Rosen - Guitar (Eclection, Fotheringay)
Clem Cattini - Drums (Rumplestiltskin, The Tornadoes, The Ivy League)
Terry Cox - Drums (Pentangle)
Pete York - Drums (Spencer Davis Group, Hardin and York)
Mick Waller - Drums (Rod Stewart)
Harry Reynolds - Bass

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Attila - Attila (2009 South Side Digipack) 1970

Biography : Many critics, fans, and college students have spent hours debating the serious question of what the worst album in the history of rock actually is. One listen to Attila would provide them with a definitive answer. Attila undoubtedly is the worst album released in the history of rock & roll -- hell, the history of recorded music itself. There have been many bad ideas in rock, but none match the colossal stupidity of Attila. There's a reason why they're the only heavy rock organ-and-drums duo in the history of rock & roll -- it's an atrocious combination. Organ and drum combos work well in jazz, because the musicians know how to balance the dynamics of the two instruments, but in this group of Huns, it becomes an unbearable, unholy noise. Billy Joel decided that the only way a keyboardist could compete with the guitarists popping up in Hendrix's wake was to rig his organ with piles of effects pedals, Leslie organs, distortion, and wah-wah -- and use them all at once while he yells, not sings, and Jon Small flails away haplessly at his drums. It's impossible to make out the riffs, since the organ just sounds like a wall of white noise, and there are no melodies, only shouting. Everything is turned to 11 -- because it's one louder than ten, innit? -- and even when the group tries out a different, slower style, it still sounds the same, because the instrumentation, attack, and effects never change. By the end of the album, it feels as if a drill has punctured the center of your skull -- it's that piercing, painful, and monotonous. Joel has gone on record describing the results as "psychedelic bullsh*t." Remove the word "psychedelic" and you have an accurate description of the album. [By the way, Joel and Small are dressed as Huns on the cover. For some reason, they're standing in a meat locker. It's as if the duo unconsciously knew they were creating the most ridiculous album package in rock & roll history.] Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

01.Wonder Woman 3:38
02.California Flash 3:32
03.Revenge Is Sweet 4:00
04.Amplifier Fire 7:39
a) Godzilla
b) March Of The Huns
05.Rollin' Home 4:52
06.Tear This Castle Down 5:49
07.Holy Moses 4:30
08.Brain Invasion 5:41

Billy Joel - vocals, keyboard player, arranger-composer, Taurus
Jon Small - composer-arranger, drums, Capricorn
Glenn Evans - Road Manager and creator of the direct input of a Hammond organ to Marshall Amps.

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Nirvana - Local Anaesthetic (Repertoire Records) 1971

Biography :  The original Nirvana first appeared in the midst of the psychedelic revolution in 1967, playing it's unique brand of cello and harpsichord driven melodic chamber music. Led by Irish born Patrick Campbell-Lyons and greek guitarist Alex Spyropoulos, they started out as a six piece. After some rehearsals, the group arranged appointments to see George Martin, John Burgess, Denny Cordell and Chris Blackwell, of which Blackwell liked them enough to sign them to the brand new Island label. The band quickly went on to take photos with Gered Mankowitz and were launched to the press and the public with a performance at the Saville Theater in London's West End. The band then released their science-fiction LP, The Story Of Simon Simopath on Island in 1967,and found an audience for their music. Although the band wouldn't achieve a hit single until their third try, with Rainbow Chaser. With it's melancholic melody and super phased chorus, it is recognized a true psychedelic classic. It was right after recording their first album when the representatives of the production company involved in a movie called The Touchable contacted the band after hearing their demo recording of the song All Of Us. That same day they secured the deal to have that song as the theme song for their movie. Recorded the following week at Pye Studios, All Of Us became the title track to their next Island LP. All Of Us featured a more polish and confident sound and it's share of memorable melodies with Melanie Blue, Tiny Goddess (which was originally released as their debut single) and Trapeze. After that album, Nirvana was down to a duo and their next album Black Flower was rejected by Chris Blackwell. Frustrated, the duo went to Pye Records to have it released. After buying the recordings off of Island and changing the albums title to Dedicated To Markos III, it was released to next to nothing in sales. Alex Spyropoulos left soon after the release and Nirvana was down to Patrick Campbell-Lyons as the only main member. He went on to record a final album on the progressive label Vertigo, Local Anesthetic in 1971. In the 1990's, however, with renewed interest in the group, the duo came together and worked on some (rather wimpy/crappy) new material and remixing old unreleased stuff for a couple more albums, Orange And Blue and Secret Theater. Official Website

01.Modus Operandi 16:09
02.Home 19:10
- including:
- a) Salutation
- b) Construction
- c) Deconstruction
- d) Reconstruction
- e) Fanfare

Patrick Campbell-Lyons – vocals, composer, producer
Mel Collins (King Crimson) – saxophone
Tony Duhig (Jade Warrior) – guitar
Jon Field (Jade Warrior) – keyboards
and others…


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