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Graeme Edge Band (feat. Adrian Gurvitz) - Kick Off Your Muddy Boots (2008 Esoteric Recordings) 1975

Biography : A solo album from a drummer is rarely cause to celebrate, for invariably it arrives stillborn. But Kick Off Your Muddy Boots is a solo set from Moody Blues' skin basher Graeme Edge in name only, and instead is really a showcase for the Gurvitz brothers, or more precisely singer/guitarist Adrian. Edge contributed only three songs to his set; the dreamy "Lost in Space," the introspective "Have You Ever Wondered," and dramatic "Somethin' We'd Like to Say," providing very tentative links to the Blues' own sound. The rest of the album, composed by Adrian Gurvitz, goes very much its own way. The fabulously funky instrumental "The Tunnel" flies furthest from the mothership, while a guesting Ginger Baker edges Edge into the shadows on the Chicago blues spectacular "Gew Janna Woman," the set's apotheosis. "My Life's Not Wasted" is nearly as epic, meandering from funk to blues, soul to orchestral overkill in one fell swoop. Swinging from the C&W-tinged rocker "Shotgun" to the sunny California-styled "Bareback Rider," Muddy Boots treads into as many musical pastures as possible, with the bonus "We Like to Do It" (the band's 1974 single) tossing ragtime into the mix. Keyboardist Mickey Gallagher provides excellent work throughout, his lovely soundscapes and delicate melody lines providing a perfect foil to Gurvitz's soaring leads and hefty riffs. The rhythm section is strong of course, but in the end, this is Gurvitz and Gallagher's show from start to finish, and what a show it is. Review by Dave Thompson

01.Bareback Rider 5:16
02.In Dreams 5:12
03.Lost In Space 4:41
04.Have You Ever Wondered 5:09
05.My Life's Not Wasted 2:59
06.The Tunnel 2:10
07.Gew Janna Woman 4:16
08.Shotgun 4:12
09.Somethin' Wed Like To Say 3:37
Bonus Track
10.We Like to Do It 4:05 (A-side of single)

Graeme Edge - Drums
Adrian Gurvitz - Guitar
Paul Gurvitz - Bass
Mickey Gallagher - Keyboards

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