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REPOST : Edgar Broughton Band - Oora (2004 EMI Remastered) 1973 (REQUEST)

Biography : The Broughtons' fifth album has never been as well-regarded as its predecessors, although that has more to do with timing than with the record itself  by 1973, after all, the Broughtons' brand of post-hippie revolution was feeling just a little tired, particularly in the face of the glam scene that had emerged all around, and no matter how strong the songwriting and performances remained, there was still a sense of too little, too late. Which was colossally unfair. No, Oora isn't a patch on either Wasa Wasa or Sing Brother Sing. But it was an improvement on the previous year's Inside Out, and a handful of its contents notably "Exhibits from a New Museum/Green Lights" and "Roccococooler" could rub shoulders alongside any of the band's earlier, better-feted material. Indeed, the sheer diversity of Oora flies defiantly in the face of anybody hoping to pigeonhole the band with its past reputation, as Oora reveals a tight, concise, and extraordinarily melodic band whose members had clearly been listening to Neil Young as much as the Mothers of Invention, and weren't afraid to prove it. Review by Dave Thompson

01.(a) Hurricane Man; (b) Rock 'N' Roller 6:15
02.Roccococooler 3:11
03.Eviction 3:01
04.Oh You Crazy Boy! 2:44
05.Things On My Mind 3:41
06.(a) Exhibits From A New Museum; (b) Green Lights 8:01
07.Face From A Window (b) Pretty (c) Hi-Jack Boogie (d) Slow Down 10:29
08.Capers 1:38
09.Sweet Fallen Angels (Bonus Track) 2:53

Edgar Broughton - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Steve Broughton - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Arthur Grant - Bass, Guitar, Tape
Victor Unitt - Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals, Piano
Doris Troy, Liza Strike, Madeline Bell, Maggie Thomas - Voices
Victor Peirano - Synthesizer
David Bedford - Piano ("Green Lights")

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@solidboy, thanks so much for all your trouble and time to re-upload this. I don't have words to show my appreciation. Really greatful for this.

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