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Bloodrock - Bloodrock 3 1971

On their third album, Bloodrock makes a full return to the ominous hard-rocking sound that made their debut album such a solid release. For proof, look no further than "Whiskey Vengeance": This gutsy rocker starts with a creepy wordless vocal intro, then breaks into a galloping riff that provides a blood-pumping backdrop for its tale of heartless revenge. Bloodrock 3 also plays up the progressive edge to the group's sound that was only hinted at on previous songs like "Melvin Laid an Egg" and "D.O.A." For instance, the album opener, "Jessica," boasts some instrumental breaks that throw out surprisingly intricate riffs at breakneck speed. "Breach of Lease" is another prog-ish cut that runs for nine minutes, but manages to avoid wearing out its welcome through a carefully crafted arrangement that alternates eerie, quiet organ-led verses with a pulse-pounding chorus. Bloodrock also continues their Grand Funk-like attempts at social commentary with "Song for a Brother" and "America, America": The lyrics are a bit simplistic but are straightforward enough to get the point across and further benefit from being backed by energetic, well-arranged music. The group still has trouble with its ballads, though: "A Certain Kind" has a pretty piano-led melody but suffers from generic, mawkish love lyrics and a strained high-range vocal from Jim Rutledge. Despite occasional lapses like this, Bloodrock 3 is an effective hard rock album that boasts tight arrangements and a spirited performance by the band. It's not for the casual listener, but anyone who enjoyed "D.O.A." will probably enjoy this album.

01.Jessica 4:40
02.Whiskey 4:12
03.Song for a Brother 5:15
04.You Gotta Roll 5:05
05.Breach of Lease 9:05
06.Kool-Aid Kids 6:12
07.A Certain Kind 4:12
08.America, America 1:20

Rick Cobb - Drums, Percussion
Eddie Grundy - Bass, Vocals
Steve Hill - Keyboards, Vocals
Lee Pickens - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Rutledge - Vocals
Nick Taylor - Guitar, Vocals

4 commenti:

Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

DanP ha detto...

"ominous hard-rocking sound...plays up the progressive edge", thanks!! :D

DanP ha detto...

Also, I seek lossless of the first BLoodrock album! :O

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Solidboy, the link is dead. Could you reupload the album in lossless, please?

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