venerdì 21 settembre 2012

Wigwam - Tombstone Valentine 1970

01.Tombstone Valentine 3:03
02.In Gratitude 3:43
03.Dance Of The Anthropoids 1:07
04.Frederick & Bill 4:22
05.Wishful Thinker 3:43
06.Autograph 2:35
07.1936 Lost In The Snow 2:08
08.Let The World Ramble On 3:18
09.For America 4:18
10.Captain Supernatural 3:00
11.End 3:34

Wigwam :
Jukka Gustavson - vocals, organ, piano
Jim Pembroke - lead vocals
Pekka Pohjola - bass, violin
Ronnie Österberg - drums
Heikki Laurila - guitar, banjo
Jukka Tolonen - guitar

Flac 234 Mb

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gregg ha detto...

The USA release of Tombstone Valentine was a 2 disc affair. Contained the Tombstone album plus a bunch of tracks from the group Blues Section. Pembroke had been in Blues Section prior to joining Wigwam. Since Jim pinned many of the tracks for both bands, they worked pretty well together. Neither group did very well here in the states. I for one LOVE almost everything released on LOVE Records. I picked up my cut-out copy in the warehouse of ALTA Distributing in Phoenix, AZ USA back in the late 70's when I worked there as the Import Buyer for WORLD RECORDS, I also bought the Finish released on LOVE. Everyone should get on board the FINISH train... this is GOOD STUFF!

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