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Bloodrock - Bloodrock 2 1971

On their second outing, Bloodrock became a hitmaking proposition thanks to the success of "D.O.A." Despite the morbid nature of this hit, the album is not another spooky epic like their debut. This time out, the group keeps the music fairly heavy but goes for a lighter feel in the songwriting. For instance, "Cheater" is not the revenge tale one might expect: instead, it's the surprisingly earnest promise of a lover vowing to remain faithful. Unfortunately, "peace and love" themes do not suit Bloodrock as well as the darker themes that characterized their first release. The attempts at creating heartfelt love songs feel embarrassingly sappy ("Sable and Pearl" is the biggest culprit in this department), and these types of lyrics do not mix comfortably with the group's hard-rocking sound. Bloodrock also take a stab at social commentary on songs like "Children's Heritage" and "Dier Not a Lover," but their message lyrics come off as muddled and amateurish. The best moments on Bloodrock 2 are those that go for the spooky feel of the first album: "Fallin'" uses crashing drums and descending riffs to bring the lyric's mood of depression to life, and "D.O.A.," which graphically recounts the last thoughts of a plane-crash victim, became a surprise pop chart hit thanks to its powerfully spooky arrangement. Ultimately, Bloodrock 2 offers enough solid tracks to appeal to the group's devotees, but casual fans who just want to hear "D.O.A." would be better off hunting that song down on a compilation.

01.Lucky in the Morning 5:48
02.Cheater 6:52
03.Sable and Pearl 4:58
04.Fallin' 4:06
05.Children's Heritage 3:34
06.Dier Not a Lover 4:10
08.Fancy Space Odyssey 5:11

Rick Cobb - Drums, Percussion
Eddie Grundy - Bass, Vocals
Steve Hill - Keyboards, Vocals
Lee Pickens - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Rutledge - Vocals
Nick Taylor - Guitar, Vocals

8 commenti:

Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

tomatodon ha detto...

Where is the linK? pw? thanks.

Phil Gordon ha detto...

I get an error message every time I try and dl.

Solidboy ha detto...

the link is in the name of the artist under the tracklist. no password.

Phil Gordon ha detto...

Meant to say thanks as D.O.A. was the soundtrack to a super 8 film I did in school. Still can't dl though. Enter the captcha fine and get an error message each time, argh.

Solidboy ha detto...

What is the problem Phil? just type in the code exactly, attention to the space between a Word and the other.

Phil Gordon ha detto...

I type the captcha correctly, I click direct download (as I always do) and I get this message from Netkups: Error Please try again later

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Solidboy, the link is dead. Could you reupload the album in lossless, please?

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