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Blue Mountain Eagle - Blue Mountain Eagle 1970 (2012 Remaster)

You'd half expect this supergroup's self-titled debut album recorded at Wally Heider's recording studios in L.A. with producer Bill Halverson (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Freddie King)  to have made a bigger splash. Unfortunately, after landing in record store bins in the spring of 1970, Blue Mountain Eagle failed to generate much interest among the audience it was intended for. The album really doesn't have a bad track (though many are largely unremarkable) and fans of bands like Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers not to mention to occasional heavy-handed vibe of bands like Steppenwolf are encouraged to seek out a copy. Each member of the group gets his own turn on lead vocals. The leadoff track, Joey Newman's "Love Is Here," kicks off with a nice fuzz guitar and soaring vocals, with Newman and Bob Jones trading blistering country-rock licks. "Yellow's Dream" sounds like something you'd expect to hear from Three Dog Night. Shortly after the release of this album, in May 1970, bassist Randy Fuller left the group to join Dewey Martin. Atlantic CEO (then Atco president) Ahmet Ertegun (who was reportedly a fan of Fuller's lone songwriting contribution, "Sweet Mama") tried to persuade Fuller to sign a solo deal and write songs for other Atlantic-related projects, but Fuller declined Ertegun's invitation. The rest of the band continued recording there are rumors of enough material for a second album but broke up soon thereafter, and their surviving statement as a band quickly vanished without further notice. In 2007, Blue Mountain Eagle was reissued on CD.

01.Love Is Here 4:25
02.Yellow's Dream 2:47
03.Feel Like A Bandit 3:06
04.Troubles 3:08
05.Loveless Lives 3:32
06.No Regrets 4:14
07.Winding Your String 2:55
08.Sweet Mama 4:18
09.Promise Of Love 3:03
10.Trivial Sum 3:17
Bonus track
11.Marianne (A-Side, 1970 SP) 2:31

Blue Mountain Eagle:
Joe Newman - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Randy Fuller - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Don Poncher - Drums, Vocals
David Price - Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bob Jones - Guitar, Vocals

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adamus67 ha detto...

Following the collapse of The Buffalo Springfield, drummer Dewey Martin formed The New Buffalo Springfield. The original line up included bassist Bob Apperson, guitarist David Price, drummer Don Poncher, horn planer Jim Price, and guitarist Gary Rowles, but the outfit collapsed in the face of legal action by the other former Buffalo Springfield members. The threat of legal action didn't keep Martin from forming another band, though this time around he was careful o name them Blue Buffalo. With the second line up rounded out by former Bobby Fuller Four bassist/guitarist Randy Fuller (Randy was the late Bobby's younger brother), guitarist Bob Jones, former Touch keyboardist Joey Newman, and guitarist David Price, they quickly scored a recording contract with Atlantic's ATCO subsidiary (which had been The Buffalo Springfield's label), but before heading into the studio the ever volatile Martin bailed from the project leaving the rest of the band to continue on their own.

adamus67 ha detto...

Still under contract, the surviving members opted for a quick name change and as Blue Mountain Eagle recruited former Don and the Good Times drummer drummer Don Poncher as Martin's replacement. Produced by Bill Halverson,the cleverly titled "Blue Mountain Eagle" demonstrated a band that certainly had more than their share of talent. While Newman and David Price were responsible for the majority of material (five of the set's ten tracks) all of the other members contributed to the writing chores, with all five members also taking individual shots at lead vocals.. Musically the collection bounced between conventional hard rock (the fuzz guitar propelled 'Love Is Here'), psychedelics ('Dreams'),and Buffalo Springfield styled folk rock ('Feel Like a Bandit'). The entire line-up acquitted themselves well with Jones deserving a special shout out for his wonderful lead guitar fuzz effects and to Jones and Price for having the best of the band's lead voices. It's hard to put your finger on the album's overall charm. It was far from the most original set you've ever heard and I'm not going to tell you they came close to the original Springfield, but the tunes were virtually all worth hearing and the performances had a distinct sense of energy that's missing from most of the competition ... I know it sounds like meaningless hyperbole so you'll have to listen for yourself. The results are even more impressive if you believe the rumor the album was recorded in one extended session !!!

Talent also proved the end of the band. With the release of the album egos began to clash. Fuller dropped out to join Dewey Martin & the Medicine Ball and was briefly replace by David Johnson. Actively touring opening for a slew of headliners ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Pink Floyd, the band wrote and apparently recorded at least some material for a planned follow up which ATCO management subsequently shelved. They also managed to record one non-LP single: 1970's ' Marianne' b/w 'Yellow's Dream'(ATCO catalog number 45-6770)

Shortly thereafter the rest of the band called it quits. Johnson and Jones formed Sweathog. Jones subsequently played with Demon. Newman helped form Bandit before joining Stepson. Poncher briefly hooked up with Arthur Lee and Love (they'd previously opened for Love),before recording an album with the band Blue Rose.

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One of the greatest album from that time...

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I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

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