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California Easter Album (Bootleg) 1967 (Repost)

Super rare original 2xLP set featuring an outstanding selection of hard to find recordings from the fabulous West Coast sunny Sunset Strip & San Francisco Sounds sixties legendary & essential. Killer out of the haze when the San Francisco sounds ruled the airwaves and the great Acid Wave was in full swing. Unbelievable awesome live tracks by Love with Arthur Lee from the Fillmore West 1970; Hot Shit a seemingly one off clash of the titans pre Hot Tuna gathering with Jorma Kaukonen,Jack Casady and Marty Balin amongst others recorded in 1969 in Los Angeles (was one of the earliest Hot Tuna gigs and billed as Hot Shit, their original name); Mad River Live at the San Jose in 1967; Pig Pen (Dead) & Peter Albun (Big Brother & the Holding Company); Jerry & Sarah Garcia; Blue Cheer live 1968 L.A. TV studio. Indeed just too good to be true an amazing set. In this CD version don't included the first 6 tracks of the double LP version.
Love - Fillmore West 11/23/70
01.If You Wanna Be Free 5:05
02.Stand Out 3:45
03.And More Again 4:10
04.Singing Cowboy 6:40

Hot Tuna - Los Angeles Forum 10/31/69
05.Come Back Baby 6:35
06.True Religion 5:05
07.Sense of Direction 5:40

Mad River - Dr. Sunday's Medicine Show 8/10/67
08.Wind Chimes 7:00
09.War Goes On 5:40

Blue Cheer - TV Broadcast 1968
10.Summertime Blues 4:10
11.Out of Focus 4:05

14 commenti:

AlienOnAcid ha detto...

Thaks for sharing this. Great blog you have. Do you have California Christmas Album ? Thanks anyway for your great work !

24HOURDEJAVU ha detto...

Thanx for reposting this one for us
I appreciate you doing that

Bill @ 24hr

Solidboy ha detto...

AlienOnAcid I have a flac converted version of California Christmas Album (tracks+front+back) if you interested contact me at

Anonimo ha detto...

Hmm... I downloaded twice and didn't get the first 6 songs... Garcia, Pigpen and Grateful Dead/Beach boy tunes. The others are great, but am wondering what's up?

Solidboy ha detto...

the file has been downloaded 180 times

Anonimo ha detto...

I tried again and it's still came up missing the Dead related tracks 1-6. I don't know?

danilo ha detto...

Thanks, great bands in this one.

Patrick Merrell ha detto...

My download also didn't have the first six tracks

Anonimo ha detto...

Perhaps you could post a link to just the 6 missing tracks.

Bob W. ha detto...

Great LP, thanks for sharing. However, I am also missing tracks 1-6 when downloading. The rar file is 307 mb, and I successfully downloaded the complete file. I too would like the first 6 tracks if you can make them available.

Thank you for a great site.

Bob W.

Solidboy ha detto...

CD Version not included the first 6 tracks, only in 2LP version. sorry and thanks

Anonimo ha detto...


Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. Thank you for the great music.

Bob W.

Rob ha detto...

Thanks for posting this. It is too bad about the first 6 tracks, which had the most interest for me. The sound quality is pretty raw too. But I really appreciate your site and all the good music!

zzebon ha detto...

Looks like I missed out even for the second posting, but hoping this shows again, as when i tried, got
This file has been deleted due to inactivity.

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