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Josefus - Josefus...Plus 1970 (Akarma Digipack)

Josefus' second album was actually an improvement over the band's first (Dead Man), by virtue of its more versatile songwriting, slightly better riffs, and occasional drifts beyond sub-Led Zeppelin-style early metal. All that considered, it's still a pedestrian Led Zeppelin-like Texas take on early hard rock-metal, though Pete Bailey's vocals are a little less obviously in the Robert Plant mold this time around. Less blues-based than Dead Man as well, it contains some of their better songs in "America," which shows the influence of lighter California-styled psychedelia, the odd "Jimmy, Jimmy," apparently about a friend unfairly institutionalized for freaking out (inspired by fellow Texan Roky Erickson by any chance?), and, most surprisingly, the gentle country-rock of "Such Is Life." The album's been reissued as one of the three CDs in Akarma's Josefus box, Dead Box.

01.Bald Peach - 2:40
02.B.S. Creek - 4:03
03.America - 2:35
04.I'm Gettin' On - 2:28
05.Sefus Blues - 3:12
06.Jimmy, Jimmy - 2:37
07.Feelin' Good - 6:04
08.Condition - 2:56
09.I Saw A Killin' - 2:21
10.Such Is Life - 3:04

11.Country Boy - 3:15
12.Crazy Man - 3:40
13.I Love You - 2:26
14.Get Off My Case - 3:50
15.Louisiana Blues - 8:20
16.Light In Heaven - 4:14

Pete Bailey - vocals, harmonica
Dave Mitchell - lead guitar
Ray Turner - bass
Doug Tull - percussion

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac + cue + log + scans 395 Mb
pass : nopass

kobilica ha detto...

This album is a killer,great from start to finish...

Psicodelia Pura ha detto...

Grazie mile!

Sergey ha detto...


Sergey ha detto...

thank you very much!

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