lunedì 3 dicembre 2012

Electric Sound Show : CD4 - Paper Thoughts Of Polly Pan

CD4 : Paper Thoughts Of Polly Pan

01.Girl - Simon & De Sade
02.Midway Down - John Wondering
03.Bye Bye Mrs. Purple - Rob De Neys
04.Poor Bobby - Sir Henry
05.Make It Legal - The Motions
06.A Wristwateh Band - Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds
07.Sherry Cherie - Sweet Feelin
08.Rainbows And Butterflies - The Petards
09.Now - Wishfulthinking
10.Visions Of Molly - Blair Smith
11.March Of The White Corpuscles - Daddy Dewdrop
12.Is This The Only Life You've Had - Rome James Reincarnation
13.Everyday Is Just The Same - Moan
14.You're Too Incomprehensible - Tages
15.Steps Into Space - Tower
16.Stormy - King Biscuit Entertainmers
17.Lady Greengrass - The Ones
18.You've Got That Certain Style - New Dream
19.Echoes - Smith Blair
20.Office Girl - The Hounds
21.Molly - Sweet Thursday
22.Blue Sofa - Mayfly
23.Angela Gray - Opus
24.Moontalk - Sammy Soulset
25.The End - Greenfield & Cook

Eac Rip Flac + Cover + Log + Info 481 Mb

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Welcome to Electric Music for a Mind and Body
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