martedì 4 dicembre 2012

Electric Sound Show : CD5 - Green Eyed Gods Of Smoke

CD5 : Green Eyed Gods Of Smoke

01.Masterpiece - Irish Coffee
02.Rainbow - The Motions
03.Golden Sereen - Triangle
04.Find Your Way - Made In Germany
05.Calling Out Your Name - George Cash
06.Pollution - Georgia Brown
07.What Have I Done - Pauls Collection
08.You Don't Understand - Mother Sunday
09.Music - Objectivo
10.Deserted Alley - Blue Effect
11.Have You Ever Heard - Marsh Mallow
12.Midnight In The Graveyard - Mother Sunday
13.Kyrie - Czerwono Czarni
14.Apollo II - Tenderfoot Kids
15.Part Of The Season - Long Time
16.Look At The Sky - Giant Empire
17.It's My Mind - Purple Wine
18.The Monarchy - The Dream
19.Hymn To The Sun - Lucas
20.Living Living East, Dreaming West - William Sheiler
21.Ego - Cruise Lane

Eac Rip Flac + Cover + Log + Info 532 Mb

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sfdoomed ha detto...

Thank you for posting this collection. I already had the first two in the series, but was unable to find the other three. There are so many gems on these I haven't heard before. I'm "psyched" to listen to this fifth volume (downloading now).


Anonimo ha detto...

Any chance of a new link for this cd5?

Psychedelicized Radio

Welcome to Electric Music for a Mind and Body

Welcome to Electric Music for a Mind and Body
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