sabato 1 dicembre 2012

Electric Sound Show : CD3 - Apricot Hash In The Hour Glass

CD3 : Apricot Hash In The Hour Glass

01.Daily Remember - Ark
02.World, 2000 - Gary Knight
03.Sightseer - Malcolm Mitchell
04.Panecake Trees - Jefferson Lee
05.Ange, With Love - Childe Haroid
06.Doomsday Plus One - Paisley Patterns
07.In A Dream World - Zimmos Thanatopsis
08.The Sky Is Falling - Amerika
09.Peaceful Man - Kindred Spirit
10.Sho' Need Love - Dickens
11.15 Going On 20 - Five By Five
12.Gunfighter - Unsettled Society
13.I Am Afraid - Gasllte Village
14.I'm Dreaming - Wildweeds
15.Phrenologie Insult - Freudian Complex
16.Message To Seymour - Billy Shears & The Allamricans
17.Queen Alice - The Trilllum
18.Ryan 5 - Calliope
19.Flying Upside Down - Amerika
20.Feather - Mitchell, Malcolm
21.Cate Is Dead - Owl Aunt
22.I Come From The Andromeda Galaxy - Me Myself & Eye
23.Brink Of Death - Childe Haroid
24.Opus # 1 - American Revolution
25.Diagnosis (One Way Empty And Down) - Oxford Watchband

Eac Rip Flac + Log + Cover + Info 478 Mb

3 commenti:

GaragePunk66 ha detto...

Thanks for posting this series. I have only heard the first disc as it was released separately awhile back.

aldo ha detto...

That's right...the first CD was released on its own continuing the Incredible Sound Show Stories series from the a whole this box set is presenting mostly 'new' tracks though, it's not simply a CD version of ISSS as I initially thought. More stuff to investigate...just heard disc 2 that seems to focus on late 60s early 70s stuff.

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Friend,

The link of the CD3 : Apricot Hash In The Hour Glass is broken,
please reup the disc...

Thanks advanced


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