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Potliquor - First Taste (Repertoire Records) 1970

Biography : Potliquor had its beginning in 1969 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and played an intriguing mix of  country, blues- and southern rock. They released three excellent albums between 1970 and 1973 and on more in 1979 before finally breaking up. Yet these godfathers of southern rock never got the recognition they deserved.
Potliquor was formed in the late 60´s by George Ratzlaff (keyboards, rhythm guitar, vocals), Les Wallace (guitar, vocals), Guy Schaeffer (bass, vocals) and Jerry Amoroso (drums, percussion, vocals) and soon after that signed a deal with small Janus Records label. Their debut album, First Taste was produced by the band's manager, Jim Brown and came out in 1970. Potliquors´sophomore effort, Levee Blues was released in December 1971 and is considered as their best album by many. Lousiana Rock and Roll followed in 1973. Despite the Molly Hatchet type heavy boogie and horn section that occasionally reminds you of Atlanta Rhythm Section, Pot Liquor never raised to a level they deserved and stayed as a regionally touring band. In 1974 the band took a hiatus until original bass player Guy Schaeffer and drummer Jerry Amoroso put the band back together by adding Steve Sather  and Mike McQuaig to guitars and Pot Liquor released one more self-titled album through Capitol Records. Fans found their new, more radio friendly approach lacking the good ol´southern groove Pot Liquor had on earlier albums and the band broke up soon after that.

01.Down The River Boogie 2:50
02.Ol' Man River 4:39
03.Riverboat 3:16
04.Toballby 7:23
05.The Raven 5:04
06.You're No Good 4:59
07.Price 20 Cents A Copy 3:08
08.Driftin' 8:20

Jerry Amoroso - Drums, Vocals
George Ratzlaff - Guitar, Keyboards, Harp, Vocals
Guy Schaeffer - Bass, Vocals
Les Wallace - Guitar, Vocals

3 commenti:

Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

kobilica ha detto...

Great band.They really deserve more in rock history...

Tonypop ha detto...

Great great band...very underatted.... their Lp on janus (first taste) is wonderful....

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