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Il Sistema - Il Viaggio Senza Andata 1969

This is a very important band in the history and development of Rock Progressivo Italiano which is often described as a quintessential band in the late 60`s - early 70`s Italian rock scene, IL SISTEMA gave birth to great and very importand bands such as CELESTE and MUSEO ROSEMBACH. This band had a three year career, first as a four piece, then with the fifth member Leonardo Lagorio joining them in 1971, during this time they could not release anything, but some good recordings were finally issued for the first time in 1991 on the double LP Il Viaggio Senza Andata. They were led by the keyboards of Floriano Roggero and by the sax and flute of the future member of CELESTE Leonardo Lagorio. Classical influences are clear, especially in their good rendition of MUSSORGSKY's Una Notte Sul Monte Calvo, they also show some similarities with MUSEO ROSEMBACH. After some relevant live appearances, the band split in 1971, with guitarist Enzo Merogno and horn player Lagorio forming MUSEO ROSEMBACH, while Ciro Perrino went later to form CELESTE.
Cleared by the Italian Prog Team due to their music and importance in the development of the Italian Prog Movement.

01.Il Viaggio Senza Andata 10:24
02.Donna Cieca 4:55
03.I Pensieri Del Mattino 9:20
04.Dinamica E Cibernetica 4:53
05.Lugubre 6:10
06.Il Pozzo 14:48
07.Una Notte Sul Monte Calvo 9:48
08.Campo 11 7:55
09.Flautando 2:17
10.Sangue Sulle Ruote 2:48

Il Sistema:
Enzo Merogno - guitar, vocals
Leonardo Lagorio - flute, sax, electric piano
Floriano Roggero - organ
Luciano Cavanna - bass, vocals
Ciro Perrino - drums, percussion, flute, vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

Flac + Cue + Log + Scans 332 Mb

adamus67 ha detto...

Viaggio senza andata is a collection of songs , recorded between 1969 and 1971 and is also the only witness to the sound of "Il Sistema" , very active group in the three years mentioned above and which proposed a kind as other groups " transition " between progressive rock and psychedelic rock beat . But we must say that some of the pieces that make up this album are pure prog, decidedly avant-garde since the period of their registration (such as the title track,"Viaggio Senza andata" or "Dinamica E Cibernetica " and the long " Il Pozzo ", but also the version prog of "Una Notte Sul Monte Calvo", one of the first examples of contamination of rock with classical music before New Trolls ) . Another reason for strong interest in this album is the presence , among the members of the System, a future member of the Rosenbach Museum ( Merogno ) and two components of training there ahead of Celeste ( Perrino and Lagorio ) . Too bad for recording, bad and cavernous , although perhaps this is due to poor preservation of the original tapes,therefore,to investigate that magical period between the end of the sixties and early seventies in which the Italian pop music underwent a magical evolution towards new forms and progressive ...

"Journey without going " is a CD for is refined palates and "historical" Italian pop and that your John strongly recommends that you hear:

and I fully agree with that
Merry Christmas!

Solidboy ha detto...

Many thanks adamus your suggestions are always welcome, mine is just a copy / paste of the information I find on the net. I'd like to write my own but it takes concentration and steals my work all the time to devote to the blog. I do this only for pleasure in your spare time. I thank you for your good wishes and return them. Merry Christmas! sorry for google traslation

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