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REPOST : Lucifer - Big Gun (Dynamic Italy) 1972

Biography : Lucifer was a British solo rock project active in the early 1970s, the alias of Denys Irving. Howard Marks clearly states in his 1997 autobiography that Lucifer was the solo work of Denys Irving, with financial assistance from Marks. This admission by Marks went unnoticed for years, so the identity of Lucifer was often falsely attributed to Peter Walker of The Purple Gang, due to the fact Walker started calling himself Lucifer in the late sixties. There are also references to Lucifer and Denys (spelt Dennis) Irving in the biography 'Howard Marks, His Life and High Times' by David Leigh. The records were only available via mail order through adverts in papers such as 'OZ magazine', 'Record Mirror' & 'New Musical Express'.

01.Banshee 3:02
02.Prick 4:34
03.Hypnosis 2:48
04.Gonna Leave 3:35
05.Winter 1:14
06.Xaa 5:24
07.What Was That Thing I Saw You with Last Night 1:50
08.Dance with the Devil 5:42
09.Don't Care 2:55
10.Dance with the Devil (Reprise) 0:58
11.Want It 3:23
12.Natural Man 3:31
13.Banshee (Reprise) 3:11

Lucifer is a musical project of Denys George Irving
Other members of the band is unknown

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac cue log scans

cuorediformaggio ha detto...

What about the second lp from 1972: Lucifer - Exit?
I tried to track it but never got there.
Maybe you can help.

Solidboy ha detto...

cuorediformaggio : I have Lucifer - Lucifer 1970 (Akarma Digipack)but this Lucifer are another band

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