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Icarus - The Marvel World Of Icarus 1972

UK outfit Icarus was formed in 1968, with a line-up consisting of Richard Hudson (drums), John Ford (bass), Norrie Devine (sax, flute, clarinet), David Plotel (guitar), Steve Hart (vocals), Iain Hines (keyboards). Ford soon left though, replaced by Glyn Havard (bass) - or vice versa. History is a bit unclear on that point.
Anyhow, both bass-players are credited on the first output of the band, the single "The Devil Rides Out" issued on the Sparks label i 1969.
Later the band was signed to Pye Records. A few more line-up changes were in store for the band as well, with Hudson and Ford (or Hudson and Havard, depending on sources) leaving, replaced by Peter Curtain (drums) and John Plotel (bass) respectively, the latter in turn replaced by Jimmy Wiley (bass). This line-up recorded the sole album to be released by the band. David Plotel (guitar) left the band prior to the album release though, replaced by John Etheridge (guitar).
The Marvel World of Icarus was issued in 1972, and according to legend quickly pulled from the market due to a dispute between Pye Records and Marvel Comics. Without an album to promote the band didn't last for much longer, and by the end of 1972 Icarus disbanded.
In 2007 "The Marvel World Of Icarus" was reissued for the first time, with their single, an unreleased single and another previously unreleased track as bonus features.

01.Prologue 0:35
02.Spiderman 2:53
03.Fantastic Four 3:21
04.Hulk 3:04
05.Madame Masque 3:48
06.Conan The Barbarian 4:07
07.Iron Man 2:55
08.Thor 4:49
09.Black Panther 3:24
10.The Man Without Fear 3:57
11.Silver Surfer 4:05
12.Things Thing 2:01
13.Captain America 2:32

Iain Hines – keyboards
John Etheridge – guitar
Jimmy Wiley – bass guitar
Peter Curtain – drums
Norrie Devine – sax, flute, clarinet
Steve Hart – vocals

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Given the obscurity in which the majority of the most valuable early Seventies progressive rock albums were made, its hardly surprising that there continues to be great confusion over the histories of some of the bands involved. When, in 1997, Record Collectors magazine ran a feature on the 1972 album "The Marvel World Of Icarus", it seemed to shed new light on one of the most elusive, mysterious releases of the era. Unfortunately however, the article relied on the memories of two musicians who only joined Icarus once the bulk of the album had been recorded. As a result, it was claimed that the band had only come together in 1972, specifically for the making of the album - which was nonsense. In fact Icarus had been pretty much continuously active since 1968, recording a highly collectable psychedelic-era single for the Spark label before signing with Pye at the end of the decade. There have been one or two bootlegs of the album in the past, but this first-ever authorised from-the-masters reissue of "The Marvel World Of Icarus" - which adds an album outtake that only appeared in the US, both sides of an unreleased 7" single from 1969 and the band's debut single from the previous year finally reveals the full, previously uncharted history of Icarus ...

One of the rarest major label albums to emerge from the British Progressive Rock underground, The Marvel World Of Icarus was a concept work based around the Marvel Comics stable of superheroes. It came out in 1972, but, according to legend, was immediately withdrawn due to a dispute. Although it had all the trappings of an exploitation album, The Marvel World of Icarus was created by an actual band named Icarus. The band was infatuated with the heroes of Marvel Comics and came up with the misguided idea to create a concept album based around the various characters. This was all done with the blessings of Marvel – in fact Stan Lee takes a writers credit for “The Fantastic Four”. Although the band gigged quite a bit the album sank like a stone and has been an expensive rarity since then. Each track is thematically about a different hero – “Spider-man”, “Hulk”, “Thor”, “Captain America”…well you get the idea. Although John Ethridge is attributed to the band, he actually joined after the album was recorded. The music falls squarely in that proto-prog sound: lots of organ splashes and wild guitar solos all compressed into short tracks. The vocals have a bluesy gruff quality which contrasts with the goofy lyrics about the son of Odin...Steve Hart,his gravelly and raspy voice definitely gets the job done and goes well with the comic-book vibe. But the icing on the cake is definitely the flute. Ah yes, the jazz flute that is sprinkled throughout the album definitely adds excitement and a breath of fresh air to the music. The band’s flautist, Norrie Devine (who also plays sax and clarinet on the album) The album is chock-full of distorted guitar riffs, fat bass lines, menacing organ and keyboard chords, and hard-hitting drums that you would expect from any psych or prog-rock band from the 70’s.

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