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The Selfish Cales - Light Worms & Old Dancing Ladies 2011 (Great Discovery Italian Band)

The Selfish Cales were born on 2010, thanks to a lucky meetings on Myspace between Andy, Chris and Gabriel. Their passionate idea was to bring a complete music reality, also concern to live performances and visual impact.

The early months give the birth of their first EP, sign of a simple but close-knit alchemy. The first EP consists in 5 tracks distributed in 100 promotional copies, followed by many gigs in northern Italy. The sound was still markedly garage, but with Psychedelic shades and a sixties-oriented identity.

In 2011, The Selfish Cales changed their line up due to the departure of Chris (rhythm guitar), which will bring to the entrance of Albert Cale on Organ, Piano and Mellotron. In this period the second EP “The Selfish Cales II” has been published in 100 copies, with a more mature sound characterized by various influences. Here it states the psychedelic character of the band, and the Indian Sitar takes part in songs and live performances.

Their young way continues through many gigs and a second videoclip from the Single “Useless”, plus a side-project that give the birth to “Dandelion Seeds”, a tribute of five songs from the '60s Psychedelic Pop.

Their most recent publication is “Young Old Fashioned Girl”, another single that would be a preview of the next step of the band: the first LP, from which emerges an overview of the present and future sound of the Cales. The Selfish Cales

02.Black Opal
03.That Sweet-Smelling Shop
04.Keep On
05.State Of Eternity
06.Perpetual Season
07.My Clown
08.Light Worms
10.Young Old Fashioned Girl
11.Peeping John
12.Black And White Rainbow

The Selfish Cales:
Gabriel Cale (Gabriele Calegari) - Guitar, Sitar, Vocals (Founder - Present)
Andy Cale (Andrea Bonamigo) - Bass,Vocals (Founder - Present)
Albert Cale (Alberto Muraglia) - Keyboards,Vocals (2011 - 2013)
Murray Cale (Mauro Ambrassa) - Drums (2012 - 2013)
Chris Cale (Christian Aleotti) - Rhythm Guitar (Former - 2011)
Lawrence Cale (Lorenzo Calegari) - Drums (Former - 2012)

Download on mediafire 57Mb
Download on bandcamp 84Mb

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