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Gypsy - Anthology (Box Set 4CD) 1970 - 1973

Biography: Progressive rock outfit Gypsy began its existence as the Minneapolis-based pop band the Underbeats, formed in 1964 by guitarist James Johnson, bassist Doni Larson, and drummer Tom Green. With the subsequent addition of singer/guitarist Enrico Rosenbaum, the group regularly performed throughout the Twin Cities circuit, scoring a handful of local hits including "Footstompin'," "Annie Do the Dog" and "Book of Love." Keyboardist James "Owl" Walsh was recruited after Johnson was drafted for military service in 1969; upon his discharge, Johnson returned to the Underbeats lineup, and the quintet relocated to Los Angeles soon after, where they landed a gig as the house band at the famed Whiskey-a-Go-Go. Rechristened Gypsy, they began pursuing a heavier, more complex sound inspired by the rise of British progressive rock, though often compared to the music of Santana. After replacing Green with drummer Jay Epstein, the band signed to the Metromedia label, issuing their self-titled double-album debut in 1970 and earned considerable FM airplay with the tracks "Gypsy Queen" and "Dead and Gone." Larson and Epstein exited Gypsy prior to recording the follow-up, 1971's In the Garden, cut with bassist Willie Weeks who later resurfaced in the Doobie Brothers and drummer Bill Lordan. Randy Cates assumed bass duties for 1972's Antithesis, Gypsy's first album for new label RCA; however, upon releasing 1973's Unlock the Gates, the group dissolved, reforming just long enough to play the Super Jam '77 concert at St. Louis' Busch Stadium. A year later Walsh formed a new Gypsy lineup, issuing The James Walsh Gypsy Band on RCA to little notice; in 1996 once again the sole original member he assembled another Gypsy unit, releasing 20 Years Ago Today. While Lordan went on to play with Robin Trower, Rosenbaum died September 10, 1979 after a long battle with drug abuse; he was just 36 years old.

This box set contains the band's first four albums.

01.Gypsy Queen (Part 1) 4:21
02.Gypsy Queen (Part 2) 2:28
03.Man of Reason 3:01
04.Dream If You Can 2:49
05.Late December 4:11
06.The Third Eye 4:53
07.Decisions 8:14
08.I Was So Young 4:11
09.Here In My Loneliness 2:56
10.The Vision 5:14
11.More Time 7:28
12.Dead And Gone 10:54
13.Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard 5:47
14.The Innocence 4:36

CD2: In The Garden 1971
01.Around You 5:34
02.Reach Out Your Hand 2:44
03.As Far As You Can See 12:10
04.Here In the Garden (Part 1) 6:43
05.Here In the Garden (Part 2) 3:09
06.Blind Man 4:08
07.Time Will Make It Better 2:59
08.Twenty Years Ago Today 5:00

CD3:Antithesis 1972
01.Crusader 3:10
02.Day After Day 3:14
03.The Creeper 3:13
04.Facing Time 4:12
05.Lean On Me 3:12
06.Young Gypsy 3:06
07.Don't Bother Me 3:12
08.Travelin' Minnesota Blues 2:31
09.So Many Promises 2:23
10.Antithesis (Keep Your Faith) 3:21
11.Edgar (Don't Hoover Over Me) 3:24
12.Money 4:51

CD4:Unlock The Gates 1973 +Cover Box & Info
01.Is That News 3:17
02.Make Peace 3:17
03.One Step Away 3:12
04.Bad Whore (The Machine) 2:50
05.Unlock The Gates 3:40
06.Join In 2:49
07.Need You Baby 3:03
08.Smooth Operator 3:22
09.Don't Get Mad (Get Even) 3:16
10.Precious One 4:19

James C. Johnson - Guitar, Vocals
Doni Larson - Bass
Bill Lordan - Drums
Enrico Rosenbaum - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
James Walsh - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac log cue scans

GaragePunk66 ha detto...

Cool, not a huge fan of prog, but the first two albums by these guys sound great to me. Curious to hear the 3rd and 4th. Cheers.

juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

muchas gracias, tenía los dos primeros, ahora a escuchar los otros dos, saludos

juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

i feel so sad, try to download from netkups and is a shame, says, everytime i try, takes 5 hours to downlad, when 30 minutos or so, stops and i have to start again.

thanks, anyway

เเม่งหล่อ ใต้หล้า ha detto...

thx gil so much Holiday


juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

finally have one, yeah, try the third one, thanks

adamus67 ha detto...

Oh yes 1971 this was a terrific year for Progressive Rock and Gypsy's second album provides more memorable music. This band is prodigiously talented in every way. Almost anyone can relate to the lovely "Time Will Make It Better". It should have been a hit, and the album is real progressive masterpiece,in fact, marks the transition from traditional to psychedelic progressive rock. with beautiful melodic structures, vocal harmonies and a very good competent guitarist In The Garden excites and thrills from start to finish with their beautiful songs and always welcome timbre of the good old organs Hammond B3. As Far As You Can See (As Much As You Can Feel) is a small epic of almost 12 minutes long with chilling harmonies and solos. In The Garden II,is another firecracker album!!!

Thx Solidboy!

GaragePunk66 ha detto...

"Antihesis" and "Unlock the Gates" really fall short of my expectations. "Gypsy" and "In The Garden" are extremely solid. Thanks for the preview and opportunity to hear the Gypsy catalog.


Fix the links, please!!!!

John S ha detto...

hi would it be possible to have new links for Gypsy - Anthology (1970 - 1973) I would really like to hear this collection, thank you

Sergey ha detto...

Please reup this boxset

Anonimo ha detto...

Favor de subir de nuevo los enlaces gracias

x ha detto...

Can you please post the link again to this....?

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