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Bandolero - Bandolero 1969 (Great Puerto Rico Heavy Psych)

Biography : Bandolero was a very popular Rock and Roll band in Puerto Rico from approximately 1969 to 1971 with founder José Nogueras as singer, Félix (Gadget) Rodríguez (RIP) on drums, Ismaelito on keyboard, George Matos (RIP) on bass, and the famous Junior (El Loco) on guitar. Previous to Bandolero the band members had been actively involved with other bands and music throughout the 60's. Bandolero recorded an LP album in 1970, appropriately titled "Bandolero", which became a big success! Lead singer José Nogueras composed all of the songs, with collaboration on two of them by Jerry García, another Puerto Rican (not of the Grateful Dead). Eventually José transitioned into Latin Salsa and Merengue music which is his passion now. "Love Me Tonight" and "Together" were Bandolero's biggest hits.

01.I Got It 3:31
02.Temura 3:28
03.Love Me Tonight 3:36
04.Don't Hang Me 3:49
05.I Can Always Think Of You 3:48
06.Salsa Friquea 5:05
07.Together 2:45
08.My Life Is Always Going Through 6:09
09.I Want To Get There 3:40
10.Awake 3:41
11.Truth And Understanding 7:49

Félix "Gadget" - drums, percussion
Ismaelito - keyboards
George Matos - bass
Junior "El Loco" - guitar
José Nogueras - vocals

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adamus67 ha detto...

Psychedelic-garage-blues-jam from Puerto Rican. The album was released in 1970 and its full of fuzzy treats, all wailing guitar and screaming organ hammond like Moby Grape. Much of this one's claim to fame rests with the fact it was included in Hans Pokora's 1001 Record Collector Dreams. Their sole album "Bandolero" was recorded in San Juan's Ochoa Recording Studios. Musically the performances were professional, but failed to offer up anything special. With Nogueras responsible for writing the majority of material, tracks such as 'Together', ''Truth and Understanding' and 'Awake' showcased a fairly standard mix of conventional hard rock ('Together'), blues ('My Life Is Always Going Through Changes') and Latin moves (imagine Santana with a bit of grunge thrown in for authenticity and you'll be in the right aural neighborhood). As lead singer Nogueras was okay and most of the performances were in English (though his English much leaves the to be desired) but a couple of songs featured Spanish lyrics. Perhaps not a big surprise, but Spanish numbers like 'Salsa Friquea' displayed considerably more energy than the band's Anglo catalog...album in my opinion one of the greatest exponents of psychedelia from Latin America.

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A big thanks for this one Solidboy

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