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Aqua - Aqua (Garden of Delights) 1972

Aqua were founded in Kassel in 1972. They played progressive rock like it was at fashion at those times, thus with a lot of organ. In 1972, too they recorded four self-written songs for to show to promoters and record companies. Though they couldn't make a record company to become interested they got a lot of gigs. Thus, they themselves released a 7" single in 1978, already more smoothed out. In 1981 they did an LP which already was mainstream, like it was up to date, then. The number of copies released was 1000 for each record. The here available CD contains the until now unreleased four songs of 1972, both tracks of their single, and according to the demand of the artists two songs from the LP which still show some progressive influences.

01.Bolero 5:25
02.Soul of my soul 7:10
03.Tempest 5:53
04.There is a place 9:39
05.Going my wayTeenage feelings 3:23
06.No use to live on 6:17
07.No more love 6:02

Bernd Billhardt - Drums
Klaus Borucki - Vocals
Wolfgang Eckhardt - Vocals, Choir
Mike Fajgel - Vocals
Martin Großkurth - Keyboards, Choir
Roy Kaleve - Drums, Choir        
Georg Röber - Bass
Martin Ulrich - Guitar, Bass        
Jörg Wiesner - Keyboards

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