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Bullfrog - Bullfrog (2013 Digipack Remaster) 1976

Bullfrog were born in Munich in 1973. Their brand of krautrock, featuring mostly guitar and some mean organ play, is rather melodious and a bit reminiscent of German art rockers Jane. Their latest incarnation consisted of keyboardist Harald Kaltenecker, guitarist Sebastian Leitner, bassist Vincent Trost, drummer Ali Halmatoglu and vocalist Gerd Hoch (who committed suicide in the summer of '95).
Their first (eponymous) album didn't break any grounds but their second, "High in Spirit" ('77) boasted a much better production and thus brought the band a sizeable following both in Germany and in the US. It also gathered quite a huge fan base in Portugal where the album managed to relegate both Abba and Pink Floyd to second and third place on the local charts. Encouraged by the warm reception, they toured a great deal and finally released a third LP in 1980, "Second Wind", their most accomplished work to date. They were gathering material for a fourth when dissension grew amongst the ranks and brought an end to their reunion. Interesting material but not essential. Recommended strictly for collectors of early krautrock.

01.Movin' On 4:13
02.Bad Game 3:37
03.I Came From The Sky 4:47
04.I'm Coming Home 6:36
05.Get Away 10:42
06.Desert Man 11:33

Sebastian Leitner - acoustic & electric guitars
Gerd Hoch - lead vocals
Harald Kaltenecker - keyboards
Bruno Perose - drums, percussion
Vincent Trost - bass
Guest musicians:
Ute Hellerman - backing vocals
Jane Palmer - backing vocals

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The history of the band "BULLFROG" began in 1973. Hans Rohm was the owner of a cinema chain in Munich and made for the project "BULLFROG" the financial resources as well as a house in Lower Bavaria are available. During this time, certainly a very unusual step, for sponsors for the music industry, especially the German rock scene, which was still in its infancy, could not be discussed at this time. Rather disparagingly was at that time, especially in the U.S. and in England, spoke of "Krautrock".

Ali Halmatoglu, in the former Munich music scene very recognized drummer, later husband of singer and comedienne Lisa Fitz, was commissioned to create the band. Initially called the group "BULL DOGG" and tried unsuccessfully relatively transversely with performances by Germany. Because of different ideas, there was a split, especially by financier and manager Hans Rohm and founder of the musical group, the drummer Ali Halmatoglu. They played rock music with strong influences Blue, clubs, small halls and youth centers were the places where the band with original compositions set a new course.

Re-released on CD by Sireena Records debut of Bullfrog, that time perfectly produced by Conny Plank, boasts a powerful American-style blues-rock with some on the keyboard. The band also clearly aimed at the American market. The band's sound was heavily influenced by this very intense smoky bluesy vocals Gerd highs. Most comparable seems to me that music with Jane. Some of the bonds of Deep Purple in the mid 70s are audible.

Some sounds quite conventional blue rock (" Movin 'On") to funk ("I Came From The Sky," "Desert Man"), but there are also always just slightly proggige elements, eg the synths in "Bad Game". One often hears a beautiful Hammond organ. On the second page with the two long tracks of blues rock drifts at "Get Away" very nice in spherical realms from which can also be for the floyd-inspired Proggie with beautifully elegiac guitar solos of interest. The drums provide much more than food unit. The debut album from "BULLFROG" would be worth mentioning that in some titles Jane Palmer (v), born: 06.06.1952 and Ute Hellermann (v), the band reinforced vocally. Jane Palmer later began a solo career in 1982 with his own band and went on tour in Germany. She then worked inter alia with Wolf Maahn and the Deserters together. Overall, "Bullfrog" a strong, very well-produced album, however, the representatives of the pure prog doctrine probably would not sound fascinating progressive enough. Singer Gerd High committed in June 1995 as a complete surprise suicide. Near Basel, he visited a nightclub with friends. The singer reportedly went to the toilet, but never came back. Gerd can roll over from an oncoming train.

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