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The Human Instinct - Burning Up Years 1969

The Human Instinct were a New Zealand blues rock band active from the late 1960s until the early 1980s. The band's commercial peak was from 1969 to 1971, when albums featured the Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar work of Billy Tekahika, professionally known as Billy TK. The band emerged from a 1950s pop band The Four Fours, formed in Tauranga in 1958 by drummer Trevor Spitz. Lead guitarist Bill Ward joined in 1959, former police cadet Dave Hartstone became rhythm guitarist in 1960, and Frank Hay was enlisted on bass. The foursome rapidly became one of the most sought-after bands in the country. In mid-1966 Maurice Greer, then fronting his own band The Saints, was asked to try out. He had his first group at the age of 14 and was billed as "the teenage wonder drummer". In 1964 he began experimenting with his drum kit, converting it into a stand up-unit, which he claimed was better for his vocals. As well as his drumming ability, the Four Fours were impressed with his ability to harmonise and hit high notes, talents valued by chart-topping bands of the time. He joined just in time to record their biggest hit "Go Go"/"Don’t Print My Memoirs". The band, featuring Maurice Greer as vocalist and stand-up drummer, toured as support band for The Rolling Stones' 1966 New Zealand tour and sailed to the UK in August, changing their name en route to the Human Instinct. The band won a recording deal with Mercury Records in 1967, releasing "Rich Man" (which New Musical Expess described as a "pounding up-tempo piece with ear catching lyrics and some weird sounds"), "Can’t Stop Loving You", and a re-recording of the Four Fours' "Go Go". The band then signed with Deram Records to record "A Day in My Mind's Mind", described 30 years later by English critic Jon Savage as "a blurring of the real and fantastic, aurally reproduced by untuned raga-style guitars and a few voices". Greer declined an offer to join the Jeff Beck Group, opting instead to return to New Zealand in September 1968 as the band disintegrated.

01.Blues News 3:35
02.Maiden Voyage 5:21
03.Fall Down 2:52
04.I Think I'll Go Back Home 3:21
05.Ashes and Matches 4:04
06.You Really Got Me 3:24
07.Burning Up Years 14:10

The Human Instinct:
Billy TK - guitar
Maurice Greer - vocals, drums
Larry Waide - bass

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac log cue scans

ozrock ha detto...

Finally someone remembers these New Zealanders and their legendary guitarist Billy TK (missed the two albums with the Powerhouse, his next band, Life Beyond The Material Sky: The St. James Concert and Move On Up - The Unreleased 1972 HMV Tapes) of which jealously guards for more than 30 years, together with the album live the Powerhouse, the triple lp box of Little Wing of Refugees which includes the first 3 albums and the double The Zodiac Years, always of the same label, which includes the fourth and fifth lp (I found on Discogs, which erroneously indicates twice as a single, which also act a lot, but from which no part with me ever - that beautiful packaging!.
Now I replay them one after the other!
Thanks Solidboy!

DanP ha detto...

hey, i thought i probably had all the salient The Human Instinct catalogue, but I guess not, so thanks!

ProfessorCalculus ha detto...

Thank you sir.

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