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Savage Rose - Babylon 1972

The Savage Rose is a Danish psychedelic rock group, founded in 1967 by Thomas Koppel, Anders Koppel, Alex Riel, Jens Rugsted, Flemming Ostermann, and singer Annisette Koppel. Ilse Marie Koppel was also participating. Nils Tuxen replaced Flemming Ostermann from their second album. Since the mid-1970s, the group has been an acoustic trio consisting of Thomas Koppel, Annisette Koppel (then Hansen) and John Ravn as a core. From the beginning of the 1990s, the group returned to electric instrumentation. Thomas Koppel died on February 25, 2006. With contributions by noted jazz saxophonist Ben Webster and the American gospel quintet the Stars of Faith, this is (along with Refugee) their most R&B-influenced recording, at times achieving a churchy, old-time New Orleans-like feel.

01.The Messenger Speaks 5:25
02.What Do You Do Now? 6:40
03.Ticket To Paradise 4:03
04.Help The Lonely Child 3:07
05.Stagolee's Victory 5:48
06.Links In A Chain 3:45
07.Shine 5:26
08.When The Train Comes In 4:21

Savage Rose:
Annisette - lead vocals
Thomas Koppel - piano
Anders Koppel - organ
Niels-Henning, Orsted Pedersen - bass
Alex Riel - drums
Ben Webster - tenor saxophone
Peter Nyegaard - trombone
Stars of Faith - backing vocals

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