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Blood Ceremony - Living With the Ancients 2011

Canadian retro-rock quartet Blood Ceremony plod the same groove worn deep by Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, and other blues-rockers in the late '60s and early '70s. Their debut CD was a pretty decent effort, except for the vocalist, who was flat and tuneless. She's gotten better on this one, and her flute playing has improved, too; she multi-tracks herself on "Coven Tree" to excellent effect, sounding almost Ian Anderson-ish as the band cranks up the ultra-analog blooze/proto-metal riffage behind her. This record's sound is impeccable; it really could have been recorded in 1971. They even get the boxy drum sound right, something modern retro-rockers never manage. The lyrics are satanic hokum, calls to the Black Mass and whatnot, much like the similar Sabbath Assembly project, which set hymns written by post-hippie cult the Process Church of the Final Judgment to acid rock riffs. Living with the Ancients will absolutely appeal to fans of early-'70s proto-metal, but Electric Wizard fans should check it out, too; the band's songs have a similar incantatory power.

01.The Great God Pan
02.Coven Tree
03.The Hermit
04.My Demon Brother
05.Morning of the Magicians
06.Oliver Haddo
07.Night of Augury
08.The Witch's Dance
09.Daughter of the Sun

Blood Ceremony:
Alia O'Brien - Vocals, Flute, Keyboards
Sean Kennedy - Guitars
Lucas Gadke - Bass and Background Vocals
Andrew Haust - Drums and Percussion

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