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Nuggets From The Golden State - Crystalize Your Mind 1965 - 1967 (Repost)

Big Beat's Nuggets of the Golden State series is a disappointing collection of unreleased, vaguely psychedelic '60s garage rock from the San Francisco area, much of it (the entirety of this CD) from the archives of the Golden State Recorders studio. This volume is the least impressive of the lot, combining unreleased material with rare singles on the MTA, Tower, and Uptown labels. There are occasional good moments the fruity psych-pop of the Love Exchange, the primitive psychedelia of the Vejtables but they're drowned by the generic material of no-names like the Living Children, the Poor Souls, the Rear Exit, and the Transatlantic Train. The psychedelic influences that make themselves heard are clumsy and grating, and judged as garage rock, it's considerably below average.

01.The Living Children - Crystalize Your Mind 2:54
02.The Living Children - Now It's Over 2:02
03.The Poor Souls - I'll Be Around 2:36
04.The Vejtables - Shadows 3:10
05.The Vejtables - Feel the Music 2:50
06.The Rear Exit - Excitation 2:42
07.The Rear Exit - Miles Beyond 1:53
08.The Transatlantic Train - The Train 2:53
09.The Transatlantic Train - You're Bringing Me Down 2:51
10.The Transatlantic Train - She Was a Lady 2:32
11.The Flying Circus - I'm Going 2:38
12.The Flying Circus - Midnight Highway 2:40
13.The Flying Circus - Green Eyes Gren World 2:23
14.The Love Exchange - Swallow the Sun (Dark on You Now) 2:30
15.The Mourning Rain - Light Switch 3:20
16.The Mourning Rain - Light Switch (Take 2)
17.The Mourning Rain - Cut Back 2:02
18.The Maze - Kissy Face 3:01
19.The Maze - Dejected Soul 2:32
20.The Staff - Napoleon 2:28
21.The Staff - Would You Take Me for a Ride 2:40
22.The Afterglow - Morning 2:01
23.The Afterglow - Susie's Gone 2:31

Crystalize Your Mind

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