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Time - Time (2012 Prog Temple) 1975

Biography Time were actually UK Psych/Hard Rockers Spontaneous Combustion in disguise. 
As Spontaneous Combustion were falling apart, brothers Garry and Triss Margetts (on guitar/keys/voice and bass/voice respectively) set up a quartet with England's members Alec Johnson on guitar and Jode Leigh on drums and recorded one self-titled album (1975) on Bulk Records under the guidance of famous German producer Conny Planck. Their sound was a harder-edged version of Yes with emphasis on dual guitars and less prominent keyboards, thus they have been fairly comprated to Peter Banks' Flash.Music is complex with impressive guitar tricks with psych/jazzy tastes, sharp solos and complex melodious themes, surrounded by polyphonic harmonies and a few keyboard splashing. They never actually reach the highest of either Yes or Flash albums, but were talented enough to offer interesting compositions, requiring repeated plays for full appreaciation. Some moments in the album do sound a bit too exaggerate with multiple moves in a few seconds and the Prog pomposity is often sacrified in the name of technical exhibition. I am not quite surprised they did not manage to make some noise back then and they apparently disbanded very soon after the album's release.
A dissapointed Garry Margetts left the music bussiness for good, while Triss went on to join Greg Lake's band.

01.Shady Lady 4:25
02.Turn Around 6:30
03.Violence 3:20
04.Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 4:25
05.Dragonfly 8:09
06.Liar 2:53
07.Hideout 1:25
08.Steal Away 5:05

Gary Margetts - keyboard,guitar,vocal
Triss Margetts - bass,vocal
Alec Johnson - guitar,vocal
'Jode' Leigh - Drums,vocal

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