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Possessed - Exploration 1971

This is the story of a band whose tragic legacy could never have been predicted. Possessed were born out the thriving underground West Midlands Rock & Blues scene of the mid to late ‘60’s. This was a scene in which band- leader, Vernon Pereira, had been a key figure.The band were formed in late 1969 when Vernon teamed up (after a spell playing next to Robert Plant in The Band Of Joy) with Mick Reeves, who had been playing in (amongst other bands) Sugarstack with Al Atkins. This was the band that would eventually evolve into being the first incarnation of Judas Priest. Exploration was originally intended for releases in 1971. Due to various reasons the album never saw the light of day.The band were finally on the verge of signing a major deal, when tragedy struck. Whilst returning home from a gig in 1976, the bands van drove into a stationary petrol tanker, taking the lives of three band members :O This wouldnt have sounded out of place on Vertigo in 1971. On a heavy dark prog vibe like Necromandus and Black Widow. Not to be confused with west coast death metal band of the same name from the 80's.

Tracklist :
01.Darkness Darkness
02.The Love That You Gave
04.Climb The Wooden Hills
05.Dream06. All Night Long
07.Disheartened & Disillusioned
08.Thunder & Lightning
09.Love 'Em & Leave 'Em
10.Exploration Pt. II
12.I See The Light

Phil Brittle - Drums, Backing Vocals
Paul Lockey - Guitar
Mike Reeves - Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Vernon Pereira - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Harold Barber - Percussion

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