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Datura - Visions For The Celestial 1999

"Visions For The Celestial" is the second album by stoner/psychedelic band Datura, released in 1999. Datura was formed by the end of the 90's, and its line-up consisted of Craig Williamson (bass, vocals), Brent Middlemiss (guitar) and Jon Burnside (drums). This is one amazing album. You can hear some really stoner/doom-oriented heavy riffs, a wah being insanely raped all the time, and a simple, but strong rhythm section. Songs here are really slow-paced (except for "Reaching Out") and kinda long (the longest one is "Mantra", with its 15 minutes of pure psychedelia trip), and if you really like this mix of heavy riffs and psychedelic trips, I recommend you to check this out, now. You will be amazed by this album. In my opinion, this is one of the best "hard psych" albums I've ever heard.

01.Magnetise 7:10
02.Sunshine In Purple 6:26
03.Reaching Out 4:05
04.Euphoria 6:36
05.Voyage 9:08
06.Mantra 14:57

Craig Williamson - bass, vocals
Brent Middlemiss - guitar
Jon Burnside - drums

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Solidboy ha detto...

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Don O. ha detto...

Sounds great! Thank you!

Don O. ha detto...

Great sound. Thank you!

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