venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Gravestone - Doomsday (Garden Of Delights) 1979

Gravestone play somewhat somber Progressive Rock of a rough nature. This is a re-release of their 1979 album on the Garden of Delights label. The music is at times jazzy and bouncy, and there are hints of blues throughout, and the majority of the tracks are instrumental. There is a lot of improvisational blues styled stuff going on here. The guitars are the main lead instruments, although there is an organ tickling the background, the guitars are full front, screaming in true psychedelic fashion on the latter tracks of this album.

02.Life In The Coffin
04.On The Run
05.Stone Age
07.Summer '78
Bonus Track:
08. Flying

Wolfgang Rittner - lead guitar
Rudi Dorner - rhythm guitar
Berti Majdan - bass, lead vocals
Mike Schmidt - drums, percussion
Andi Muller - organ, background vocals

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