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Galadriel - Galadriel (Akarma Digipack) 1971

Galadriel's sole album is pretty derivative early-'70s rock with vague progressive leanings. Collectors who have inundated themselves with releases by second- and lower-division bands in the hopes of discovering something new and exciting will likely have their hearts sink when the ho-hum boogie cock rock of the opening track, "Amble On," kicks in. Not everything on the record sinks to that level, but some of it does, like the grim bluesy rock of "Girl of Seventeen." And if much of the rest isn't as objectionable, it's certainly often derivative. "She Left Her Lover at Home" uses flute in the manner of early Jethro Tull, "Working" too closely resembles the older blues-folk number "Neighbor Neighbor," and "Lady Was a Thief" certainly seems motivated by early Band songs like "The Weight." Their folkiest tunes are the best, with "Mind Games"'s squeaky harmonica bearing a casual likeness to some early Country Joe & the Fish. Varied, but dull.

01.Amble On 3:40
02.Such A Fool 3:10
03.Girl Of Xeventeen 4:40
04.She's Left Her Love 3:50
05.Working 3:36
06.Standing In The Rain 3:29
07.Mind Games 5:33
08.Lady Was A Thief 3:14
09.One Day In Paradise 5:21
10.Things To Come 1:23

Garry Adams - guitar, vocals
Doug Bligh - drums
Gary Lothian - guitar
Mike Parker - bass, flute
John Scholtens - vocals
Bruce Belbin - bass

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Solidboy ha detto...

Flac/Cue/Log/Scans 240 Mb

Sergey ha detto...

thank you very much! Cool band

bob ha detto...

Hi Solidboy!
Can you reup?

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