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Freeport - Freeport (Vinyl Rip) 1969

What an uplifting experience to finally find someone say something positive about this album, and to do so coherently and rationally. Thanks ochsfan. And while I may not be quite as ecstatic over it as he is, I do share the sentiments that it is a very good, very solid, and very consistent album. The sounds are semi-commercially oriented hard rock, featuring vocal harmony and great guitar work. The fact that it was released on a label that is highly collectible among psych circles may have hampered it somewhat, as the album is really not psychedelic. Big fans of that genre are typically the only ones to even know about the album, and often trash it as disappointing. Their loss! It will appeal to most fans of harder rock, especially those that love the added bonus of great early 70's period flavor. The album was released in Dec. 1970, and the band hailed from Cleveland. Discogs

01.It's A Brand New Morning 4:26
02.I Need Your Lovin' 2:44
03.Just What You Need 2:14
04.What She's Done 2:59
05.Nonsense 3:45
06.Old Man 3:47
07.Call Yourself The Wind 4:51
08.Forty Long Faces 4:00
09.Lend A Hand 3:04

Craig Holt - bass, vocal
Kevin Raleigh - organ, piano, vocal
Roger Lewis - guitar, vocal
Dennis Stredney - guitar, vocal
Bill Stalling - drums, percussion

4 commenti:

Solidboy ha detto...

Wav/Cue/Log/Scans 223 Mb

sorogan ha detto...

Thanks a lot, Solidboy !

Sergey ha detto...

thank you very much!

Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you for the vinyl rip , it's so pity that the best track no.8 forty long faces skips! Is there any chance on a re-up for that song please ? Maybe put a nickel or a dime on the needle :-) wish you all the best

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