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Quicksand - Home Is Where I Belong 1973 (Second Harvest Digipack)

QUICKSAND are one of those bands about which little seems to be known; while the band members' names are easily found, what they played is another matter, although it seems they had a fairly standard guitar/bass/keys/drums lineup. The rear sleeve of their sole album, "Home Is Where I Belong", actually has a band bio, along with a bucolic view of a classic Welsh valley, complete with a sheep, although it obviously neglects to give any useful instrumental information. Hailing from South Wales, the cover pic makes them look like a rare form of hippy miner, which vaguely describes the music herein. OK, it doesn't; they basically bordered prog without really immersing themselves wholeheartedly in the style, having much in common with other proto-prog outfits such as CRESSIDA or SPRING, although less interesting.

"Hideaway My Song" is typically uninteresting mid-'70s 'rock', although "Sunlight Brings Shadows" ups the ante a little by bringing in a faint GENTLE GIANT influence, would you believe. The rest of the album veers between boring and vaguely adventurous, although QUICKSAND were never really going to be front-runners. Mellotron on three tracks, with small string parts on "Sunlight Brings Shadows" and "Overcome The Pattern/Flying", with more strings and brass on "Seasons/Alpha Omega"; no surprise that the 'Tron comes in on the longer, proggier tracks.

01.Hideaway My Song 3:11
02.Sunlight Brings Shadows 4:22
03.Empty Street Empty Heart 3:44
04.Overcome The Pattern 8:16
05.Time To Live 3:30
06.Home Is Where I Belong 4:58
07.Seasons - Alpha Omega 8:23
08.Hiding It All 4:13

Robert Collins - keyboards, vocals
Jimmy Davies - guitar, vocals
Phil Davies - bass, vocals
Anthony Stone - drums, vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac+cue+log+scans 263 Mb

DanP ha detto...

I have a feeling I might like this a little better than the reviewer did. I've just heard an interesting track on a Pye/Dawn comp by a band called Quicksand. I don't know if it's the same band. In any case, many thanks!

Sergey ha detto...

thanks a lot!

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