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Finchley Boys - Everlasting Tributes 1972

This obscure Chicago band released one album, Everlasting Tribute, in the late '60s that is a sought-after item in some collector circles. Their mixture of heavy blues-rock was occasionally leavened by lighter folk/psychedelic elements.

01.Who´s Been Talkin´ - 4.31
02.Swelling Waters - 3.59
03.Outcast - 2.41
04.I´m Not Like Everybody Else - 4.49
05.Hooked - 4.16
06.Once I Was A Boy - 4.36
07.It All Ends - 4.04
08.Restrictions - 3.35

Finchley Boys:
George Faber - Vocal, Harp
Garret Oostdyk - Guitar
J.Michael Powers - Drums, Percussion
Tabe - Bass

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Great band from the United States,hailing from Champaign, lllinois, where they formed in January 1963, the band recorded the material for their album in Chicago during 1968 and 1969 playing heavy psychedelic rock with elements of blues (and a dignified distorted guitars) - Dragonfly style and Moving Sidewalks. What a pity that in the years 1968-1969 recorded material (with excellent versions of I'm Not Like Everybody Else - The Kinks and Outcast - from the repertoire of the Animals) appeared only in 1972 - when the band long already not existed!

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