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Sandy Salisbury - Falling To Pieces 1966 - 1968

Here are slices of California '60s and '70s pop that never were -- at least not then. Guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Sandy Salisbury of California almost-legends the Millennium wrote dozens of songs and recorded them demo-style on a sound-on-sound tape recorder in his California beach house before turning them over to his publisher, who did absolutely nothing with them because he was instructed by the band's producer and arranger, Curt Boettcher, to shelve them for further band productions. What Boettcher essentially accomplished was keeping under wraps pop songs that would have -- if "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" is any indication -- landed Salisbury near the top of the pop heap. The sense of hook, the clean, gorgeous vocals, the sappy melodies, and the Baroque stylings of these songs make them all ready for pop heaven. This collection brings 17 such songs -- and in some cases actual demos -- together in a portrait of Sandy Salisbury as an equal of people like P.F. Sloan and John Phillips, if not Brian Wilson. And the injustice continues, because this music isn't available in the U.S.A., where it was made, but on this expensive Japanese import that's not likely to make its way into the hands of anyone who isn't seeking it out like the Holy Grail. Here's the deal: this is magical, beautiful, and yes, sappy pop music. It's lush, textured, and overly sentimental, as innocent as it gets, and as pretty as it gets. I can see someone like Beck freaking out over music like this -- and he should. Falling to Pieces is for anyone interested in the glories of late-'60s through mid-'70s pop. This is the real stuff; find it at all costs.

Tracklist :
01.Love Divided By Two 2:08
02.All I Really Have is a Memory 2:21
03.Together in the End 2:30
04.Sweet Sweet Cinnamon 2:26
05.Every Minute of My Life 2:19
06.Spell on Me #1 2:53
07.The Best Thing 2:21
08.Spell on Me #2 2:57
09.So Close to Heaven 2:25
10.Falling to Pieces 2:53
11.A Little Bit of Love 1:50
12.Bring Me On Back Home Again 2:38
13.Butter Me Over With Cinnamon Sugar 3:03
14.Candy Kisses 2:21
15.Tommorrow 2:23
16.Do Unto Others 2:54
17.Here Comes That Feeling 2:23
18.Holly in the Summertime 2:59
19.Back Where You Belong 2:21
20.Cecily 2:38
21.I Touched the Sun 2:44

Sandy Salisbury :
Curt Boettcher - Guitar, Vocals
Ron Edgar - Drums
Michael Fennelly - Guitar
Lee Mallory - Guitar, Vocals
Randy Meisner - Bass
Doug Rhodes - Bass, Piano
Sandy Salisbury - Vocals

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac + cue + log + scans 337 Mb
pass : Sandy

billy ha detto...

many thanks.i've been picking up curt boettcher related music since the 70's and have always enjoyed every incarnation that i've found ,really looking forward to this as the sandy album was one of those gems

Anonimo ha detto...

Great Post Thank You!

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