sabato 6 aprile 2013

Dream - Get Dreamy 1967

Solid psych from I think Norway but I don't know for sure. Comparisons to other Scandinavian bands are difficult because I don't know of any. Comparisons to other psychedelic bands is also difficult. They sometimes have a bluesy Cream sound at other times stick with organ-led psych that could have similarities in some American garage music. With the longer jams, the band is not too far divorced from the effects of early Pink Floyd. "Green Things" is an eclectic opener with a fantastic rhythm all the way through and solid horn piece towards the end. "Emptiness Gone" is a bluesier number with great harmonies and background organ. "Ain't No Use" is an organ-guitar freakout with frenetic guitar riffs and fantastic organ manipulation that at times echoes early Floyd. "Driftin" is the total opposite of the previous song with its soft vocals, Latin-sound, and laid back delivery. "I'm Counting on You" is simply a solid blues-rock song that easily keeps the listeners attention. "Night of the Lonely Organist and his Mysterious Pals" is another instrumental jam but with less emphasis on psychedelic guitar and the organ is not as spacey and psychedelic as on the first jam. "You're Right About Me" is about as close as the band gets to a pure pop sound, even throwing in some good back and forth female harmonies. The band adapts to different genres well and while the lyrics are sometimes less than poignant, the vocalist is very solid. Discogs

 Tracklist :
01.Green Things (From Outer Space) - 3:14
02.Emptiness Gone - 2:26
03.Ain't No Use - 8:17
04.Driftin' - 3:02
05.I'm Counting On You - 3:05
06.Night Of The Lonely Organist And His Mysterious Pals - 5:36
07.You - 2:21
08.You're Right About Me - 2:42
09.Hey Jimi - 2:57
10.Do You Dream - 2:06

Dream :
Terje Rypdal - guitar, vocals
Christian Reim - piano, organ, vocals
Tom Karlsen - drums, percussion, vocals
Hans Marius Stormoen - bass

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Solidboy ha detto...

flac + log + cue + covers 240 Mb
pass : Dreamy

heeren ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
heeren ha detto...

A highly interesting album for all fans of fusion/ECM giant Terje Rypdal. Showing that his legendary dreamy guitarsound is firmly based in 60s psychedelia. Essential listening.

kobilica ha detto...

Amazing psych album.Many thanks for this...

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