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McKendree Spring - McKendree Spring 1969

Folk rock, for all of the looseness of that term, was mostly about the degradation of rock with acoustic guitars and a depreciation of the rhythm section. McKendree Spring (Decca Records, DL75104) represents the small band of folkies who choose to expand their folk realm with noisy guitars and electronic (not just electric) instruments. The impact of this record is assured, distinctive and a bit outsidery. While the vocals could lean a bit more austere, it is a balladeer vibe which speaks to the aforementioned outsider aspects. The detailed recording qualities allow the layers to cohere and draw the listener in further. The tunes are arranged for an ersatz consort of sorts (viola, theremin and oboelin). The song structure never veers too far afield, but the textures are complex. It should be noted that the violin playing is superb and oboesque. The Dylan cover is notable for not succumbing to the ape-effect which most pre-70s Dylan covers suffered from. While this brand of late-60s music never codified into an identified genre, it has carved out some unique sounds. And, as seen above, the high concept hippie gatefold cover makes this one a keeper.

01.Down By The River
02.Fading Lady
03.Flying Dutchman
04.Heart Is Like A Wheel
05.Feeling Bad Ain*t Good Enough
06.Hobo Lady
07.Oh, In The Morning
08.God Bless The Conspiracy

McKendree Spring :
Fran McKendree - vocals and guitar
Fred Holman - bass
Dr. Michael Dreyfuss - electric violin, viola, moog, arp, mellotron
Martin Slutsky - electric guitar

Flac + Complete Scans 194 Mb
Pass : SDB

4 commenti:

kobilica ha detto...

Thank you.Good album...

spinaltap50 ha detto...

I have some McKendree Spring vinyl LPs. I had largely forgotten this group, but their music is actually quite good. Thanks so much for this post. I would love to see more of their recordings.

Sergey ha detto...

thanks a lot!

juan manuel muñoz ha detto...

muchas gracias, amigo. Saludos

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