lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Malachi - Holy Music 1966

First-ever reissue of this fairly shockingly odd, 'psychedelic', instrumental album, which was recorded very early: August 17, 1966. Think about what was going on in music at that time and then listen to this and be very surprised. Recorded in San Francisco in August 1966, and originally released on the M.G.M./Verve label, this collection of lengthy, acid-tinged folk instrumentals is one of the earliest specifically psychedelic albums ever recorded, and it makes its CD debut here. As the original sleevenotes state: 'Malachi's music transcends the traditions of East and West, and represents the new synthesis which is still being worked out in aesthetics, philosophy and religion by those participating in the psychedelic revolution.' Features Steve Cunningham (pre-Red Krayola).

01.Wednesday-Second 13:39
02.Wednesday-Sixth 3:27
03.Wednesday-Fourth 9:17
04.Wednesday-Fifth 5:55
05.Wednesday-Eighth 4:54

Flac + Scans 214 Mb
Pass : SDB

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JJ ha detto...


Amazing blog. Thank you.

Password's not working...? Sorry for the bother.


Solidboy ha detto...

Hi JJ click on 214 Mb and insert the pass SDB and download it. I just checked the link and it is working.

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