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Idle Race - Idle Race & Time is 1969 - 1970 (2in1)

Released in November 1969, this record was the first to bear the famous Produced By Jeff Lynne tag. While the album was more straightforward and poppy than its predecessor, like the first Idle Race offering, it failed to crack the charts. Flustered, Jeff Lynne decided to accept Roy Wood's invitation to join fellow Brum band The Move.
01.Come With Me - 2:45
02.Sea Of Dreams - 3:13
03.Going Home - 3:44
04.Reminds Me Of You - 2:54
05.Mr. Crow and Sir Norman - 3:17
06.Please No More Sad Songs - 3:20
07.Girl At The Window - 3:44
08.Big Chief Woolly Bosher - 5:15
09.Someone Knocking - 2:56
10.A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows) - 2:45
11.Hurry Up John - 3:33

Idle Race :
Jeff Lynne - vocals, guitar, piano
Dave Pritchard - guitar, vocals
Greg Masters - bass guitar, vocals
Roger Spencer - drums, vocals

Time Is is the final studio album recorded by The Idle Race. It was recorded in 1970 after Jeff Lynne had left the band. He was replaced by vocalist Dave Walker and guitarist Mike Hopkins.
01.Dancing Flower – 2:14
02.Sad O'Sad – 3:28
03.The Clock – 3:22
04.I Will See You – 3:11
05.By the Sun – 6:42
06.Alcatraz – 4:02
07.And the Rain – 2:52
08.She Sang Hymns Out of Tune – 3:07
09.Bitter Green – 3:45
10.We Want It All – 4:10

Idle Race :
Dave Pritchard - vocals, guitar, flute
Dave Walker - vocals, harmonica, piano
Mike Hopkins - lead guitar, vocals
Greg Masters - bass guitar, vocals, electric cello
Roger Spencer - drums, percussion, vocals

Flac + Complete Scans 480 Mb
Pass : SDB

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