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Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts (Vinyl Rip 24bit-96khz) 1971

Pawn Hearts is the fourth album by English progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator, released in October 1971. The album reached number one on the Italian album charts.
The original vinyl release in the United States and Canada (for example on Buddah Records) contained a fourth track, squeezed between "Lemmings" and "Man-Erg", which was the band's arrangement of the BBC Radio 1 opening and closing theme. This instrumental, called "Theme One", was originally composed by George Martin and released on record in 1967. In Europe, where Pawn Hearts only contained the three tracks, "Theme One" was released as a single in February 1972, with the song "W" as its b-side.
Later North American reissues used the European version of the album, without "Theme One". The 2005 remastered CD contains versions of both "W" and "Theme One" that both are different from the North American album and the European single.
Two of the released versions of "Theme One" appear to have the same backing tracks, but feature completely different overdubs and mixes. These can be found on the compilation CD First Generation - 1968-1971 and the remastered Pawn Hearts. There is also a third version (an entirely different studio take) of "Theme One" included on the 2003 various artists compilation CD The Best Prog Rock Album In The World... Ever.

01.Lemmings (Including Cog) 11:37
02.Theme One 2:55
03.Man-Erg 10:20
04.A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers 23:04
including :
(a).Eyewitness 2:25
(b).Pictures/Lighthouse 3:10
(c).Eyewitness 0:54
(d).S.H.M. 1:57
(e).Presence of the Night 3:51
(f).Kosmos Tours 1:17
(g).(Custard's) Last Stand 2:48
(h).The Clot Thickens 2:51
(i).Land's End 2:01
(l).We Go Now 1:51

Van Der Graaf Generator :
Hugh Banton – Hammond and Farfisa organs, piano, mellotron, bass pedals, bass guitar
Guy Evans – drums, tympani, percussion, piano
Peter Hammill – Lead vocals, acoustic and slide guitar, electric piano David Jackson – Alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones, flute
Robert Fripp – Electric guitar

Flac+Complete Scans Part1 445 Mb Part2 468 Mb
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