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Electric Prunes - The Electric Prunes (Collectors' Choice Music) 1967

Originally released in 1967,this is the band's outstanding debut lp on superb reissue CD,with two bonus cuts tagged on."Ain't It Hard" and "Little Oliver",I believe I've seen before on some import compilation.Either way,they give the listener another reason to hunt down a copy of this psych classic.As for the actual album,'I Had Too...' sure conjures up some priceless memories.At least,for me.The band's only two hits are on here,the title cut,"I Had Too Much To Dream" and "Get Me To The World On Time".Just about every other track rules,like the psychedelic blow-out "Sold To The Highest Bidder","Luvin'",and the suggestive(for back then anyway)"Try Me On For Size".Most highly recommended.

01.I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) 2:55
02.Bangles 2:27
03.Onie 2:43
04.Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) 2:21
05.Train for Tomorrow 3:00
06.Sold to the Highest Bidder 2:16
07.Get Me to the World on Time 2:30
08.About a Quarter to Nine 2:07
09.The King Is in the Counting House 2:00
10.Luvin' 2:03
11.Try Me on for Size 2:19
12.The Tunerville Trolley 2:34

Bonus Tracks :
13.Ain't It Hard 2:14
14.Little Olive 2:40

Electric Prunes :
Jim Lowe - vocals
James "Weasel" Spagnola and Ken Williams - guitar
Mark Tulin - bass
Preston Ritter - drums

Flac + Complete Scans 203 Mb
Password : SDB

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