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Renaissance - Renaissance 1969

Following the break-up of The Yardbirds in early 1968 drummer Jim McCarty and guitarist/vocalist Keith Relf formed Together, an acoustic based group. This short lived then became Renaissance in early 1969 with the addition of John Hawken (keyboard), Louis Cennamo (bass) and Jane Relf (vocal).
So, this is the pre Annie Haslam period of the band. Musically, I would say this debut album has significant contribution in laying strong foundation of progressive rock music altogether with King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd. Renaissance has its own identity than the others. This debut album sets an important milestone for Renaissance music direction in the future.
Jane Relf’s vocals are not really always in the foreground: other musicians also sing on this album. For those who expect an Annie Haslam performance, then forget about it. The lead & backing vocals are interesting though. This record is definitely piano oriented: when there are piano or harpsichord, this album sounds quite classical baroque. On the first side, it is a bit disappointing to hear an outstanding first baroque part, followed by a rythmic piano rock ballad containing harmonica a la Zappa, and finally finished with a minimalist psychedelic instrumental part. This record, like the next one, has some psychedelic influences. The best moment is definitely the progressive part on Innocence: very structured and delightful! For 1969, this record is really avant-garde. (

01.Kings And Queens 10:55
02.Innocence 7:05
03.Island 5:57
04.Wanderer 4:00
05.Bullet 11:24
06.Island (single) (Bonus)
07.The Sea (Bonus)

Renaissance :
Keith Relf - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Jim McCarty - percussion, vocals
John Hawken - piano, harspichord
Louis Cennamo - bass guitar
Jane Relf - vocals, percussion

Eac Rip Ape 312 Mb

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