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Quintessence - Quintessence 1970

A superior follow-up to their debut 'In Blissful Company', this self-titled effort sees Notting Hill's Quintessence expand upon their exotic raga-rock sound with layers of guitars, drums, sitars and a slighly more progressive lilt. Some may find the quasi-religious mumblings a tad unbearable, and some of band-leader Raja Ram's rather indulgent noodlings do sometimes hinder the otherwise fluid acid rock, but it's all part-and-parcel of this quirky group's appeal. Imagine Hawkwind on valium and with acoustic guitars and tabla's instead of electric instruments and you get the picture, except Quintessence sport a slightly more refined musical style. Both of the group's first two albums are well worth checking out, especially for fans of Jade Warrior, Clark Hutchinson's 'A=Mh2' and ethnic krautrockers Yatha Sidhra, and despite the fairly laughable hippie-dippie lyrics, the sounds of offer here are genuinely progressive in their execution and the instrumentation richly-textured in it's attempt to re-produce the exotic sounds of India and beyond.
01.Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga 5:01
02.Sea Of Immortality 5:19
03.High On Mt. Kailash (Excerpt From Opera) 5:51
04.Burning Bush (Live) 2:35
05.Shiva's Chant 2:13
06.Prisms 3:12
07.Twilight Zones 5:18
08.Maha Mantra 1:37
09.Only Love 3:54
10.St. Pancras (Live) 6:19
11.Infinitum 1:41
12.Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga (live version) 5:07

Quintessence :
Shambhu Babaji - bass, acoustic guitar
Dave Codling - rhythm guitar
Shiva Shankar Jones - lead vocals, keyboards, hand drums
Jake Milton - drums, percussion
Alan Mostert - acoustic & elelectric guitars, bass
Raja Ram - flute, percussion, bells

 Eac Rip Flac image + cue + log 450 Mb

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