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Fat - Fat (Radioactive Records) 1970

Biography Engineered by legends Roy Cicala who worked with Genya Ravan, Lori Burton, and John Lennon, along with Shelly Yakus (spelt Shelly Yokas on the album jacket) of Stevie Knicks and so many others fame, Fat is comprised of five men who, other than this outing, appear to have remained pretty much unknown. According to urban legend, this production by Eddie Jason saw only 400 copies released by RCA. For a band coming at the end of the debacle known as "The Bosstown Sound," this actually plays better than Eden's Children and Ultimate Spinach. With a cover photo of five dudes dressed like they are going camping, no image whatsoever, these longhairs deliver a decent set of tunes, despite the fact they aren't stellar musicians. There is a spirit here, however, from "Shape I'm In" on side two, to the lengthy "Journey" and "Highway." "Black Sunday" is inspired and has a sound very influenced by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Via default they seem to have created a strange amalgam of East Coast blues and psychedelia that Ultimate Spinach was searching for. "Country Girl" has Cream riffs galore, and where you might expect a folk tune, it rocks out. Where Alive & Kickin' released the same year on Roulette and were woefully deficient on the musical side of things, these cats have a style and a sound. Peter Newland's voice and harp reflect the darkness James Kaminski and Michael Benson lay down with their guitars. Not a bad recording for a band with no look and riffs that Bachman Turner Overdrive would explore and exploit just four years later. "Duck Sweat" is the bluesy rock that the cover indicates, but "Lonely Lady" and "Mine Eyes Have Seen" take the group into other directions. An interesting artifact.

01.House On The Corner 3:06
02.Black Sunday 3:20
03.Mine Eyes Have Seen 4:11
04.Lonely Lady 4:46
05.Journey 5:02
06.Shape I?m In 2:29
07.Country Girl 5:44
08.Over The Hill 3:12
09.Duck Sweat 4:04
10.Highway 6:05

James Kaminski - Guitar
William Benjamin - Vocals, Drums
James Kaminski - Guitar, Vocals
Guy DeVito - Bass, Vocals
Peter Newland - Vocals, Harmonica
Michael Benson - Guitar

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This is my new favorite blog! Thank you so much for what you've done here. I've heard more good music here in the last couple of days than I have in the last few months. I love it. Sorry to see that some of the older entries links have expired, but I see that you re-up periodically, so thanks for that, too!

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