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Marcus Hook Roll Band - Tales of Old Grand-Daddy (2014 Parlophone Records) 1973

Biography : Marcus Hook Roll Band wasn't a long-lived band, nor did they get much attention when they were active between the years of 1972 and 1974. Nevertheless, the studio-based group occupies an important place in Australian rock & roll history because this creation of famed producers Harry Vanda and George Young also featured George's brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who would go on to form AC/DC after the dissolution of Marcus Hook Roll Band. Musically, MHRB didn't sound much like AC/DC at all. There were echoes of the Easybeats, Vanda/Young's big '60s success, but they were closer to the fizzy bubblegum of the Sweet, only with heavier guitars. That was all evident on their lone album, Tales of Old Grand Daddy, which appeared in Australia in 1973 and was succeeded by several singles. None of the recordings were a hit and soon the project came to an end, with Vanda/Young pursuing a very successful production career highlighted by the early AC/DC records. Tales of Old Grand Daddy got its first wide international release in an expanded edition in 2014 via a CD that also contained the non-LP singles. 

CD Review : A midpoint for the collaboration of Harry Vanda and George Young and the missing early chapter in AC/DC's career, the Marcus Hook Roll Band was an Australian studio creation of the early '70s. Despite the heavy connection to AC/DC -- it features Malcolm and Angus Young on guitars while some of the songs contain musical elements that would later resurface on AC/DC albums -- it sounds very little like that sleazy heavy rock band and, despite boasting a song called "Goodbye Jane," it doesn't even sound as nasty as the big-booted Slade. Instead, this is very much in the vein of the Sweet, tempered with a little bit of the garage rock of the Easybeats and a lot of slicked-up, radio-ready studio sheen. Tales of Old Grand-Daddy shows bits of album rock indulgence -- "Silver Shoes" marches like the second side of Abbey Road -- but it's best when it's all about trashy riffs, big beats, and singalong vocals. Strictly speaking, it's not glam -- compared to all the glitter emanating from the U.K., it's not as sexy or cheap; it's polished and assured -- but it's a kindred spirit and a whole lot of fun. Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

01.Can't Stand the Heat 3:11
02.Goodbye Jane 3:34
03.Quick Reaction 3:03
04.Silver Shoes & Strawberry Wine 5:48
05.Watch Her Do It Now 3:40
06.People and the Power 4:52
07.Red Revolution 3:10
08.Shot in the Head 3:26
09.Ape Man 2:51
10.Cry for Me 3:55
11.One of These Days (Previously Unreleased) 4:38
12.Natural Man (1972 A-Side of Regal Zonophone RZ 3061) 3:48
13.Moonshine Blues (1974 B-Side of Can't Stand The Heat BASF 06 19196-0) 3:14
14.Louisiana Lady (1973 A-Side of Regal Zonophone RZ 3072) 3:04
15.Ride Baby Ride (Previously Unreleased) 3:09

Harry Vanda (The Easybeats, Flash And The Pan) - Vocal, Guitar
George Young (The Easybeats, Flash And The Pan) - Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Bass)
Angus Young (AC/DC) - Guitar
Malcolm Young (AC/DC) - Guitar
Ian Campbell - Bass
Howie Casey - Sax
John Proud - Drums
Freddie Smith - Drums
Alex Young - Sax

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