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Energy - Energy (2012 O-Music Remaster) 1974

Biography : For some reason the Swedish prog/hard rock/jazz fusion group ENERGY's lone 1974 self-titled LP has never been reissued, making it quite rare and often pricey. However, for those who possess a copy of this obscure album with its flaming cover art, it's a hard album not to love. ENERGY without a doubt came from the world of guitar driven jazz fusion, although guitarist Amadeo Nicoletto's tasteful, yet powerful, jazzy, neo-classical leads lend an air of power to ENERGY's sound, making it of interest to fans of 70's prog as well as jazz. This album has been included in several books pertaining to heavy metal such as Martin Popoff's "Golmine Heavy Metal Record Price Guide", however, ENERGY is not quite heavy enough (in terms of guitar riffs) to fit into the proto-metal category. Certainly, fans of highly electric 70's guitar work will find much to enjoy on this LP, although the mood of this LP is one of varying dynamics, ranging from mellow, reflective jazz to edgy hard fusion. These guys could really play! All the members of ENERGY were obviously superior musicians, however I believe that it was the band's unique sound and reluctance to land smoothly into the jazz fusion or prog genres which may have played a role in why this great LP has seemingly slipped through the cracks over the past 40 years. So before you drop $100 on a copy of this LP you may want to check out the samples posted on youtube just to be sure ENERGY fits your expectations. For me, I love this LP with all my heart and dream of a CD reissue of this lost classic, preferably with bonus material!!!! 

01.Subtle Forces 5:00
02.Metamorphosis - Impression 7:37
03.Up to Seven 5:27
04.Porta Marina 10:24
05.John 6:29

Alvaro Is - piano, electric piano, organ
Amedeo Nicoletti - guitar
Björn Inge - drums
Bosse Norlén - bass
Luis Agudo - percussion

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flac cue log scans

propylaen2001 ha detto...

Thank you!

Opiekacz ha detto...

Could You upload Christophe Godin - Metal Kartoon?
Mp3 or PDF songbook

Solidboy ha detto...

Christophe Godin - Metal Kartoon 2005 (mp3)!RV0WxCRL!_EKxGAPQ5E-6FWSAYfIAfuuubCM1LvL23PyIuJEHDYg

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Mega thanks :D

Opiekacz ha detto...

Ps. 192 kb? Sad that such low quality but better this than nothing :)
By the way,Im also searching for

Extremely hard to find and extremely much needed

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Welcome to Electric Music for a Mind and Body
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