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Morly Grey - The Only Truth (2010 Sundazed Music) 1972

Biography : Based out of Alliance, OH (in the eastern part of the state about 30 miles from Akron, which is a polite way of saying in the middle of nowhere), Morly Grey were a power trio whose sole album, 1972's The Only Truth (the first and only LP from local label Starshine Records), has become a much-bootlegged collector's item among fans of classic psychedelia and prog rock. For years, folks speculated that The Only Truth actually dated from 1969, and the album's sound and approach do seem a bit behind its times; Cream and Blue Cheer are clear influences here (without Cream's heavier blues angles or Blue Cheer's monolithic ferocity), though one can also hear the shadows of latter-day acts such as Grand Funk Railroad and the James Gang in Tim Roller's guitar work, which shifts back and forth between gutsy power chords and graceful lead figures. The ghosts of a number of noted power trios can also be heard in the limber basslines of Mark Roller and drummer Paul Cassidy's firm rhythms and colorful fills (Bob LaNave took over for Cassidy on three cuts, including on the 17-minute title track). The album's artwork suggests that Morly Grey may have been an early Jesus Rock band, but a listen to The Only Truth confirms otherwise, as the band seem far more interested in slightly trippy ponderings about brotherhood, love, and the war in Vietnam than either God or His son. As is the case with so many prog/psych collectors items, the rarity of The Only Truth (and the fact it was created by an unknown band from a small Midwestern town) is what makes genre obsessives salivate as much as the music, and while this is no lost masterwork, it's strong, well-crafted stuff for the era. The production is simple but clear and straightforward, the interplay between the musicians is genuinely impressive, and if Tim Roller's guitar meanders on the extended tracks, his chops were very good and his bandmates were clearly a match for his talents. If Morly Grey had been on a bigger label or based out of a bigger town, they might have gone far, and The Only Truth deserves a wider hearing outside of collectors' circles. Review by Mark Deming

01.Peace Officer 5:30
02.You Came To Me 4:12
03.Who Can I Say You Are 3:40
04.I'm Afraid 4:32
05.Our Time 6:29
06.After Me Again 3:07
07.A Feeling For You 2:33
08.The Only Truth 17:02
Bonus Tracks
09.None Are For Me (Previously Unissued) 10:21
10.Come Down (Previously Unissued) 8:59
11.Love Me (Previously Unissued) 3:39
12.I'll Space You (mono) 3:47
13.Be Your King (mono) 2:33

Paul Cassidy - Drums, Vocals
Tim Roller - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mark Roller - Bass, Lead Vocals
Bob LaNave - Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals

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adamus67 ha detto...

Small, lost in the middle of nowhere town of Alliance, in the eastern part of the state of Ohio lying about 30 miles from Akron, probably no one would never mentioned if not for the that it is created there legendary band Morly Grey. The band, who recorded the first single, and then delivered its , in a small a print run of and for their own money their only album "The Only Truth". The album, which quickly disappeared. Re-release on CD, which appeared for the first time after 35 years,in little amount of effort also quickly he disappeared. Like the band ...Trio Morly Grey founded by brothers Roller; Tim (guitar, vocals) and Mark (bass and vocals) supplemented by drummer Paul Cassisdy, which soon replaced by Bob LaNave. Interestingly, both drummers play on this the album - the first on the side 'A', LaNave and on the side 'B' of the original LP.

The album "The Only Truth" recorded in two different studios, it's (still) a psychedelic, heavy, by all means guitar rock with progressive influences, having something of climates described already by me album "Dead Man" group Josefus, early Grand Funk, Dust or JD Blackfoot. Guitars knock down!, and breakout hit - riffs,a variety of solos and ingeniously used wah effects that make this guitar comes to the fore. Playing a very "American", which is embedded in the framework of the blues, but strong, because Morly Grey can duly, give - rock out!

Phenomenal song "Our Time" with frequent changes of pace and fast solos,or the commencing album uncompromising "Peace Officer" is an excellent example of this. It also happens, however, somewhat quietly, even melancholy ("Who Can I You Are") or a ballad like "A Feeling For You". The album ends with a 17-minute suite "The Only Truth" in which a group of approaching the phenomenal "Star Storm" ("Storm of the Star") on the other Lp UFO so that there is more "coolest" much more psychedelic. In this landscape of guitar sounds unexpectedly emerges discreetly song from the American Civil War "When Johnny Comes Marching Home". Really great album, with music that can not be bored. A feast for all who love antiques and austere beginnings of hard rock to sounding like it was recorded in a magical 1969'

The original LP costs $ 1,000 and the purchase is rather a dream, for of the average collector plates. So let's look for a lot cheaper reissue on CD. It is so tire out and look for a lot cheaper reissue on CD. Fortunately, an American independent record label Sundazed released the disc on a silver disc in 2010, adding to the five basic material recording rarities. These are the three never before published songs recorded during the first recording session in 1971 in Cleveland Recording, and the only single the band recorded November 6, 1970 r. And released a few months later by a small label Starshine Records. In total, we received close to half an hour extra and sensational musical material!

A year after the release of the album the group started recording the next, which was to be titled "The Roller Bros. Band ". Also recorded material for a live album. Unfortunately, none of these recordings have never been released and although the brothers Roller, tried in the 90s to reactivate the band once again, eventually nothing came of it...and the damage!
Thx Marco,for sharing

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