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Daddy Longlegs - Oakdown Farm (Repertoire Records) 1971

Biography : This US act initially comprised Steve Hayton (guitar/vocals), Cliff Carrison (drums) and Kurt Palomaki (bass/clarinet/vocals). The trio spent its early months on a farm in New York state, before moving location to New Mexico. The promise of work in films brought the group to Europe in 1969, and although such plans were later aborted, they decided to settle in England. Daddy Longlegs showcased their appealing brand of good-time, country-influenced rock before the line-up was expanded to accommodate vocalist Mo Armstrong. Both he and Hayton then left the group, following which the drummer and bass player were joined by Peter Arneson (piano) and Gary ‘Norton’ Holderman (guitar), the latter of whom had worked with Carrison in Slim’s Blues Band. Oakdown Farm was released on the renowned Vertigo label, but progress was hampered by further changes in personnel. Daddy Longlegs disbanded in 1972, following which Arneson teamed with former members of Gracious and the Greatest Show On Earth in the pop group, Taggett.

01.Rubber Tyre 2:45
02.Double Decker 1:55
03.Please Believe Me 3:32
04.Lonely Way 3:53
05.Sweet Louise 2:53
06.Wheeling & Dealing 5:05
07.Rusty Door 3:57
08.Gambling Man 2:42
09.Clara Bell 3:38
10.Night Shift 2:46
11.Moog 3:41
12.Boogie 5:01

Kurt Palomaki - Fender Bass, Clarinet
Clif Carrison - Drums
Gary 'Norton' Holderman - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Arnesen - Keyboards
Kurt Palomaki - Vocals
Peter Arnesen - Vocals

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